It’s 12 days of Christmas – not 120!

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So says CWF writer and researcher Andrea Martin

I don’t know about you, but I’m so confused…

I’m sitting here in my sun drenched office, it’s barely October and we’ve not had Halloween or Bonfire night yet, but the adverts on TV are asking me to order my new sofa and bed now for Christmas!

Who wants a new sofa or bed for Christmas?

It Just spoils the whole real lead-up to the festive season, and it gets the children wound up too (it’s three months away for goodness sake). I have worked in retail, whilst in the jewellers the Christmas rush came Christmas Eve, all the panic stricken blokes buying for their other halves.

But the super markets start much earlier – as soon as the children go back to school after the summer break they appear, those ever shrinking tins or Roses and Quality Street.  By the time Christmas Eve arrives what happens they take all signs of Christmas away, not a decoration in sight, all the shelves where the tinsel and glitter were have vanished until the end of next summer! But what’s at the door of the warehouse, yes Easter Eggs!

I know I’m sounding like a kill joy, but what happened to the 12 days of Christmas, the tree went up on Christmas Eve, then everyone had a good few days off, not queuing up on Boxing day to buy all your presents for next Christmas, it seems like the three months before the event we are being bombarded with buy, buy, buy!

You will have a fantastic festive season, the day arrives and the next it’s gone.

The first advert I saw for Christmas was for balloon flights and guess what it was the 20th January.  What was the first advert you saw for Christmas? We would love to hear from you.

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