75,000 people are dead because of the CMS, says campaigner Jamie

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Jamie Evans is 36 and from Cheadle, Staffordshire. He was recently elected  to the Town Council. He says the CSA and now CMS and all MPs involved need to be held accountable for what he describes as their crimes. Here he states his case.

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I have been reading about the number of suicides caused by Parental Alienation and this prompted me to investigate the Child Support Agency and the now-Child Maintenance Service and this vile world our Government thinks is acceptable.

I know first-hand from speaking to a CMS ‘manager’ how they disrespect people in turmoil – their total disregard to people is sickening.

This organisation needs to close and each individual should be held accountable for the deaths of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

On the May 7 2019 I got a message about a man who had committed suicide and he blamed the Child Maintenance Service.

How sad that in this modern world people are left in absolute poverty – and the MPs who should work for us  vote for benefit cuts and ending free school meals. Sorry, not directly related but this is what we have come to …

I have interrogated links I have been sent regarding suicides due to the Child Support Agency and now the Child Maintenance Service.

The question was asked in July 2018 by Lord Pearson of Rannoch regarding the deaths linked to the CSA and CMS from 2000, the answer by Baroness Boscombe will shock. 

The data below – yes data – that’s what we are, shows:

From 2003 to 2017 there was 71,200 deaths linked to the CSA.

So, on average 5,085 people a year or 13 people a day took there lives due to the stress of the CSA over a 14 year period.

And from 2015 to 2017 3,500 people took there lives or 1750 or 4 a day due to the CMS.

In total 74700 people have taken their lives due to this organisation.

Any individual working for the CSA or CMS and DWP – and any MP linked to these organisations – need to be held accountable in court for these people and families.

A new Freedom of Information request needs to go in and MPs need to be asked an updated question – what are the latest figures.

A public enquiry needs to be held as soon as possible, before more suffer at these organised failures.

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24 thoughts on “75,000 people are dead because of the CMS, says campaigner Jamie

  1. The Government and every MP are fully aware of the corruption of the CSA/CMS but a blind eye is turned. Theresa May was my MP back in 2010, I brought to her attention that the CSA was committing fraud against me, she sent a couple of limp-wristed letters to the CSA and done nothing to stop them. I believe this to be willful neglect/misconduct in a public office! My complaints were later to be well founded, but in the process, I discovered how corrupt and biased the complaints system is. ICE is in bed with the CSA/CMS and the PHSO will not investigate. The Police will not investigate even though there is evidence of criminal offences carried out by the CSA/CMS staff. There is no law firm who will go against the CSA/CMS even though they have misconducted themselves in a public office. The Government are quite clearly hindering access to justice of which violates all human rights instruments and is a violation of the constitutional principle of the rule of law.

  2. I have substantial evidence which supports the CSA staff committed fraud and misconduct in a public office, the police refuse to do anything about it, the PHSO cannot investigate misconduct or fraud as it is out of their remit and no law firm will give representation , however, these public law firms are happy to represent terrorists and chase after our veterans and servicemen, but when it comes to representing a member of the public who has been severely damaged by the CSA acting unlawfully and misconducting themselves in a public office they do not want to know. It is a well-known fact that the Law Society is a stakeholder of the CSA/CMS so is the Magistrates Association and HM Court Services not to forget the CAB. The Government are happy to pay taxpayers money in compensation to ISIS terrorists and Westminster employees who have been fondled and shouted at by dirty corrupt MP’s but when it comes to upholding their constitutional obligations and EU community law they are not interested.

  3. Thank you Jamie Evans, could not agree more, they nearly finished me off, if I can help in any way please let me know.

  4. I agree it is a big concern, but is sadly a component in a completely broken system. Divorce/separation is a hard change for all involved, made more difficult by the housing crisis where people who have always been able to thrive find themselves struggling to survive. The adversarial system of the dubiously called family court does not work. Separated couples who are grieving for losses they don’t yet fully grasp turn to solicitors for help. This wastes more money they don’t have. Children are grieving too and there is nowhere to get the type of help they really need.

    1. Where’s their LEGAL Duty of Care?
      When will this end, when all NRPs are homeless, destitute, starving and dead?

      We need a proper enquiry NOW and those responsible for this fascist type behaviour to go to jail.
      They don’t act fairly, they create false arrears, they just keep on taking and to hell with the very real consequences for their victims. If ever there were gangsters in power, this is it!

      Shut it down and start prosecuting.

  5. I’m a full time carer and since my clients ex put in a maintenance request I’ve been on constant suicide watch they can’t afford what they have to live on as is meanwhile this piece of work has continued to be allowed to abuse my client psychologically due to convenient CMS rules….at what point as a human do I decide to take personal action seeing as the current government places money over humanitarian rights

  6. This is 100% true – my ex has completely cut contact and makes out her and my daughter want nothing from me ! I have to pay over 500 a month ! I’ve been very ill and attempted to take my life in the past but I have managed to get thru it, get a new job and within days of starting to get things back on track these parasites are taking £500 plus out of wages without any care for my well being ! Why should I work so hard to get better when they are just making me worse off and ill again I may as well give up and join the statistic

  7. Totally agree. I’m at rock bottom and having suicidal thoughts every day I’m left feeling helpless . They calculated my payments from my earnings that I haven’t earned since July when the overtime stopped and nights came off the case started in august I tried 6 or 7 times to tell them my income had fallen and I refused to pay the 75 a week they were asking after a couple of months me ringing and writing theY finally recalculated which took two weeks for a desision to be made all the time falling into arrears they changed my payments but only from the 6th of November so I owe 3 months at 75 a week I’ve rang them and they say it is what it is from day one I have tried on 15 different occasions to tell them and got no where I have all proof call logs msgs everything I just don’t know what to do

  8. My partner has been going through hell. He stopped working offshore 4 years ago and wen t self employed but the CMS won’t accept his self employed earnings which have been done by an accountant and logged with HMRC, they keep resorting back to his off shore wages, which means he is now due over 40,000 pounds. He now no longer works as his days are taken up trying to fight this, all he gets is threats about getting his passport and licence taken off him or jailed. He went to a tribunal and the judge totally mucked up the whole thing as she was looking at a totally different time period!!!! The whole thing has been a nightmare and I am not surprised at people taking their own lives due to the constant harassment and bullying. This should not be allowed!!!! What does not help is he does pay for his kids every month directly to the mother’s based on his earnings or if like now not working he does still pay the minimum expected from the CMS, however the other party believe they are entitled to this 40,000 plus as the CMS are telling them they are due it, it’s not just one life it’s everyone involved they are messing about.

  9. I’m about to Lose everything. I have to chose between paying my rent and eating, csa has ruined my life, my ex has 2 holidays in Spain, a brand new car hot tub and everything she wants and I can’t afford a social life. Honestly it’s a shit system, I want to work but I can’t I been offered a job after 3months off sick with depression caused by this and I can’t take it because by working ill b worse off, I’m at the point I’d rather be dead, maybe I will be by the time this is posted, I told them that they where making me homeless they dint care when I said I couldn’t eat they told me to go to a food bank, I dint ask to be cheated on, I dint wanna b in this situation, the system is broken, its distroyed my life. Iwont find anyone because I can’t afford to go out, I work 45 hours a week to struggle while my ex and her new husband laugh I paid for their wedding, I’m sure when I’m homeless the csa will find a new charge for me to make life harder, I feel like suicide is my only way out I can’t live like this, I don’t begrudge paying for my kids but not the amount they want after getting behind they want 522 a week I don’t even earn that atm, and if I take a second job they will put the payments up, there’s no way out for me, good luck to u all

  10. I’ve not dipped a paint brush since September due to illness, but despite all the evidence I’ve supplied I’m getting deeper and deeper in debt with them. I can’t say I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this as it saddens me very deeply.

  11. I am about to go into 3 appeal hearings against the CMS. I have 50 50 shared care and they are saying I need to pay despite a court judge saying I don’t have to. The CMS are ruing my life along with an ex wife who has a borderline personality disorder. I won’t pay anymore and will go to jail by the looks of things.

  12. Hi , I am in the process of being bullied by the CMS, they have just landed me with a 5 and a half thousand pound bill from 2017 when the case was looked into but had been forgotten until now , they admitted they forgot to notify me in 2017 about this and said sorry but you still have to pay,
    I have pleaded with them but said I must pay it over 5 years on top the revised payment £350 a month for a child I don’t even know or looks like or live as it was an affair ( I know it’s wrong) but the women thought it a good idea to get pregnant to trap me into something I didn’t want as she was full aware of . Nasty piece of work.my partner does not know about this child but new about the affair and we have worked at it and are on a good path until this cropped up it will push her over the edge if found out .

    1. Hi. This is not just happening to fathers. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and I mean it. I have proof and I am being helped by Women’s Aid. My abuser was able to lie in court. The Judge went against police report and social work report positive towards me. The judge ignored the Domestic Violence. My abuser won residency and after abusing me emotionally, physically and financially I am now paying him money. Because he abused me financially I have a lot of debts. I am now in arrears with child maintenance and trapped. I am terrified I cannot pay for rent and will be alienated effectively from my children.

  13. OMG, I feel so sorry for you all. My partner and I seperated 12 yrs ago I left with the clothes on my back. She got my house my car. She has now gone to CMS. I have never dealt with so many vindictive people, there’s no compromise nothing taking into consideration. After trying to rebuild my life, CMS are doing their best to grind me into the ground. Right now I can’t see a way out.

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