Abra-kebab-ra! Shedding light on a bloke’s dream come true!

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Sometimes, a man’s dreams do come true!

First we had home brew, then we had X-box … and NOW! WAIT FOR IT! WAIT FOR IT!

The home doner kebab machine …

The dream is  a reality, with home rotisseries currently on sale on eBay for just £59,95. Thank you God. I thank you.

Kitchen appliance firm Daniel James launched the revolutionary machine which can cook up to seven kebabs at once.

It can also cook up to three plates of veg, or fish. But who cares?

The firm says: “The 360 rotation cooks quicker and more evenly than in a conventional oven and fat drains away.”

And it’s also ‘compact’, which makes it ‘ideal’ for the home or caravan … or shed!

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