Adam’s Café, Shepherds Bush

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This is without a doubt one of the most romantic and idyllic restaurants you will find. If you are looking for the ideal location to eat out and spend time relaxing with good company then you could not choose a better option.

It’s not ostentatious, space with a little bar where the owners double up as waiting staff. But in this lies its charm, this restaurant can make you feel like are being welcomed home.

The food is Tunisian/Moroccan/Mediterranean in style, with all the comfort of a home cooked meal. Go for a tagine, mix and match with friends to try as much of the variety as possible. The food is simple and without artistic arrangement, but that’s what lets the flavour and quality shine.

It’s ideal for couples and family, affordable but high quality. Drinks are available but you can bring your own wine if you have a favourite bottle, corkage is £4.

Its family run, service is pleasant without being stiff. You feel like you are eating at a friend’s house, if you are lucky enough to have friends like the owners, Frances and Abdel. The restaurant is twenty years old and you will see friends of the owners dropping in for a chat or a drink.

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