Another parent is gone … we need to end tragedy of parental alienation


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Andrew John Teague who made this heart-breaking video has revealed how many of its members have been driven to the brink of suicide because the fight to see their children has become too much.

The group D.A.D.s (dads against double standards), which has thousands of members, conducted a survey recently and, shockingly, scores of people reported they have become suicidal as their children turn against them after divorce or separation.

Andrew has also talked of how he spends hours talking people back from the edge.

Andrew, from Swansea, said: “Sometimes I’ve spent hours talking to grown men who are breaking their hearts because the courts and the parent with care seem to be deliberately trying to end their access. It is shocking to think though, it’s not only dads, it’s mums, grandparents, and the children too who are facing up to these tragic circumstances.

“Over the last ten months I have watched so many go through so much. And it is heartbreaking.   Parents, grandparents and extended families are fighting relentlessly to be in their children’s lives.
“But we are stopped from seeing them by exes, by new partners and by the families of our exes.   Absolutely disgusting behaviour from one human to another.”
Recently, the Office for National Statistics said that four years ago suicide among men has reached its highest levels since the early Eighties.

Another report says parental alienation can seriously affect men’s mental health but also makes it clear that   children caught in a cruel and vicious break-up can develop guilt, sadness, and depression.

And perhaps more revealingly an author’s study in Australia says that each day a parent dies due to the stress and heartbreak of losing  their child in divorce, abduction or  being taken into foster care.

Researching her book, Strength for Parents of Missing Children, Marie White contacted experts in the fields of abduction, parental alienation, grief, and divorce.

She said: “Children do come home, but what if the children come home and their parents aren’t there because they’ve committed suicide?”

In the survey carried out by the D.A.D.s group Paulene revealed: “I was suicidal a year ago and wanted to gas myself in the garage. I was such a mess and didn’t think I could cope. But now I’m here for the children, I love them so much.

Graeme wrote :”Depressed most of the time and have no faith in the law.”

Darren said: “Depressed and close to giving up.”

David said: I‘m amazed that more parents who’ve had the pleasure of family court haven’t killed themselves. The last six years are right up there on being the worst of my 50 years on this rock.”

Robert said: “Even my son says give up dad, she keeps winning and he is suffering from depression now too,”

Andrew has this message for victims of parental alienation: Don’t die inside speak out – for three and a half years I went through domestic hell and felt   like I was walking on egg shells but now I am free and can speak out with pride.”


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2 thoughts on “Another parent is gone … we need to end tragedy of parental alienation

  1. Going through this right now, how can, n our case, a mother be so heartless to a man she made a baby with? 😢

  2. I have been through hell & still am that’s 3 years next month, lies games tricks have landed me in jail on remand three times, twice trying to speak& reason with mum out of pure desperation, third time for speaking to my son in village he lives, all agencies back mum & even probation kept telling me accept change & let go as they teach us in BBR course, probation wouldn’t give me a report for family court has I’m not a legally qualified solicitor, Nowi have another probation worker & she’s trying work on me to build me up ready for a bad outcome as I can’t win, SS wo t allow contact as mum school probation say I’m mentally unstable, non are professional in mental health sector so how can they diagnosis me & go against report from my own GP who’s seen me at the lowest to present date. My son now speaks of his new daddy & loves him but also loves his old daddy & wants to see me again but is afraid he will get into trouble, so now a 6 year old is walking on egg shells. I speak also with lots of members from various pages & my own page & I can tell you as a grown up alienated child that PA is worst form of child abuse. I suffered every form of abuse as a kid & some was horrific, but to have my dad took away from me is worst & at 44 years of age I’m still slightly affected by it & now I’m forced over last three years to live through it all over again.
    I got two kids two mums, both was alienated from their dad’s & in turn they also alienate their kids from the dad ME. I have no idea how I keep going, helping others help but what I can say is with PA you go from a you g man toavery weak old man in space of a year or even weeks months. I now suffer really high BP that’s affecting my quality of life.

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