Another victim of PA kills herself while Cafcass brags, Ofsted praises and campaigners fall out

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The aftermath of the UK’s Parental Alienation Day march in London turned into a social media brawl with insults and accusations flashing across thousands of screens for 72 hours.

The shameful cyber row was libellous and vitriolic and buzzed in the background as others proudly celebrated those who had marched from the Courts of Justice to No 10 Downing Street where they handed over information condemning the family court system.

The march followed closely on the heels of the farewell ‘bash’ of Cafcass chief executive Anthony Douglas, who had been praised for the work he has done over the last 15 years.

Yet as these issues burned in the Press and on Social Media, few noticed that a young mother had become so low about things that she quietly took her own life …

And all this leaves one painful question … could Cafcass, and those who have pledged to help people who are estranged from their children, have done more to help this tragic young woman?

Or has she just become another statistic, another hopeless case?

And with hours another dad narrowly escaped death by over-dose when police kicked his door in and took him to hospital.

Cafcass chairman, Edward Timpson, said, before these awful incidents happened, that it was estimated that Cafcass had helped two million children under Douglas’s ‘watch’.

And Douglas, aged 70, who claims a miserable childhood himself, replied: “If you can repair something that’s really, really broken, it’s enormously gratifying.”

The asks in the light of what happened… what exactly did you fix Mr Douglas?

Andrew John Teague, from DADs and NAAP, who helped to organise the London march, said: “How can it lead to this, to take the pain away. That solitary moment, when you die.

“A mum took her life, things had got too much for her.  It’s the same heartbreak, mum, dad or other family member.

“Even one is a shocking terrible statistic. Fatherless or motherless the grief for the child is exactly the same. 

“I can’t imaging what the sister of the mum who took her life  is feeling … what her family must be going through, what her children will be told.”

Well, the official Government view is that under his ‘watch’ Cafcass improved significantly and in a national inspection of the service published recently, Ofsted rated the organisation as ‘outstanding’.

Ofsted said this: “The contribution of the chief executive is highly valued and is considered to be ‘exceptional’.” 

The asks one simple question then – how many  ordinary citizens in the UK who have been through – or are going through – the family court system found their treatment outstanding?

The simple – yet harrowing – facts are these, mothers and fathers across the globe are killing themselves out of despair after being lied about to their children, lied about to their families, lied about to social workers and lied about to family courts.

Project 84, a campaign aimed at raising awareness, recently staged 84 human sculptures in Central London,  representing the men who sadly take their lives. Mothers too are going down the same road to nowhere.

Other figures show FIVE people in nine days have taken their own lives because of parental alienation.

Andrew John Teague, from D.A.D.s and NAAP, said: “On Parental Alienation Day as we walked from the Royal Courts of Justice to Downing Street, in a mark of respect I wore a black arm band. 
“Parental alienation kills people … family courts are, in my eyes, the  worst killers in the land. They should not be allowed to act the way they do, they need to be stopped now.

“Everyone can see what goes on – the dead blind monkey on Mars can see it. It is time to stop the family court abuse. Reform is needed.”
Andrew, who has walked thousands of miles in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, to highlight the battle, said. “I’m not a strong person, I’m just a person who used to fix cars.

“But I was bullied when I was young and now I need to fight for what’s right. You get to the point you won’t let anyone bully you and I have always looked to help anyone get through things.
“I made a vow to stand up for all the children who are bullied and terrified. Children need the help support and guidance of both parents. This all just  breaks my heart.”

Andrew, from Swansea, who is in his mid-fifties, says that social services and CAFCASS watch his profile on social media and constantly monitor his Facebook group, D.A.D.S (Dads against double standards) which now has more than 20,000 members.

The authorities would of course deny any untoward motivation in this but so many other victims of parental alienation have come forward with similar stories it is worrying.
Others have revealed that social workers have ‘advised’ them not to comment on their children on social media and others say they have even been told not to tell their child they love them as I could traumatise them.

Anthony Douglas joined Cafcass in September 2004 from Suffolk County Council, where he was director of social care and health.

“My job at Cafcass has been a privilege and our task now, after achieving ‘outstanding’ in our recent Ofsted inspection, is to take our service to children to the next level,” he is quoted as saying.
At the time he joined Cafcass, the agency was widely seen as failing organisation with many children involved in family court proceedings waiting weeks or months to be allocated children’s guardians.

Douglas, who was adopted at birth, started his career as a social worker in 1976 at the London Borough of Hackney.

On his first day in the job he said it would take two or three years to get the deeply troubled organisation on the right track. But almost a decade later  MPs were condemning it as unfit.

And yet he leaves an organisation secure in its place with its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted  rating.

If what we have today is an improved Cafcass then it is really hard to imagine the chaos it must have been in in 2004, when it tried to bring together the work of more than 100 separate services. 

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7 thoughts on “Another victim of PA kills herself while Cafcass brags, Ofsted praises and campaigners fall out

  1. Andrew John Teague I’m like a rhino thick skinned so no problem here for sure
    I’m not going to feel offended for being attacked to apologise would mean I did something wrong which I have not however I don’t bare any grudges life goes on
    Keep plugging away stop the deaths we break the system

  2. Andrew John Teague It’s a long battle and we all have a part to play myself and Peter Davies are in constant communication on how best to approach and keep up to date
    Save lives

  3. Jan Boon Yep we all have a part to play in this war on P A so let’s all fight it it don’t matter how we do it as long as we don’t fight between ourselves x

  4. Craig McKay we should be charging these people with genocide. Since Thatcher and Lord Mackay introduced the contact order act in 1988/89 they have been driving men to suicide unlawfully since. And the ones who don’t commit suicide are being condemned to die slowly of sadness. A revolution is required. Burn the house down!!!

  5. Barbara Sankey O’Brien The only people uneducated Cafcass help are narcissistic alienating resident parent’s not the brainwashed children nor the innocent targeted parent! Uneducated Cafcass have done nothing but obliterate family’ and driven loving honest parent’s into total despair, who’s only fault it is is to be forced to enter secret family court rooms to be part of their children’s lives. There the monstrous creator’s of family assassinations will sit in wait ready to pounce automatically to form an uneducated opinion for lazy judges to consider, which in most cases the lazy uneducated judge will rest with.
    Ofsted need to look at the amount of family court cases Cafcass give damning reports to instead of taking Cafcass self gratifying reports as gospel.
    Cafcass are a big part of the problem in family court Not a solution x

  6. Sandra Rao I’m a nurse I would be struck of if I treated my patients the way they do. How come they are the elite and leave a trail of destruction then they are like the invisible man no where to be seen.

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