OFCOM has finally taken charge of what many see as the poisoned chalice of the BBC and, for the first time in broadcasting history in the UK, OFCOM is in charge. It has been an open secret that the regulator did not want to increase its power over the BBC, […]

By ‘Uncle’ Eric Wiltsher Now this is COOL. A laser keyboard Have an instant full-size keyboard to use with your mobile device. It can be slipped in your pocket! Measuring just 6 x 8.5 cm, this 5200mAh power bank connects to any Apple, Windows or Android device via Bluetooth or […]

By Eric Wiltsher In recent months it has been interesting to read the very poor muses of untrained people making numerous claims about the then FREE operating system, Windows 10. It’s not the fault of Microsoft Around two years ago, Microsoft released the BETA version of Windows 10. Apart from […]