Brave rocker Lita sings about her Parental Alienation agony

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In the run-up to Parental Alienation day, the consumerwatchfoundation publishes an interview with a celebrity rocker who has suffered in the way so many of us have…

Celebrity Lita Ford said that after a messy divorce she has become so alienated from her children that she lost contact with them.

She says she gave up stardom to  become the “ultimate mom” but, after 16 years of marriage, everything crashed around her in a bad divorce … and Lita felt the only road left to her was the rocky road to success.

So, she made a comeback as the Queen of Metal screaming about her heartache over wailing guitars.

And in a frank interview she reveals how she became a victim of parental alienation.

She said: “I wanted to be the ultimate mom but my divorce was horrible and I became alienated from my children. For those people who know what Parental Alienation is, it is a form of emotional child abuse. It is severe child abuse. It is not physical, it is emotional so I, unfortunately, am going through that which I don’t deserve.

“No one deserves that. Nobody does, especially the kids.”

Lita, who began her career as  guitarist for The Runaways in the 1970s has written about her trials and tribulations in her autobiography “Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir” which came out earlier this year.

Lita, aged 58, who was born in London, said: “Well, after my divorce was final one of the things I wanted to do was put out a memoir to my life and because I’m really a unique artist, almost one of a kind. I wanted to put out a book so people could see what I had to do in my life and the hurdles I had to jump to become Lita Ford.

“Parental alienation is really hard to explain if you don’t know what it is and even those that have experienced it don’t know that there is an actual terminology for it.

“Because of that I set up the Lita Ford’s Parental Alienation Awareness Facebook page … and read, look at the pictures and you’ll get an idea for what it is about. Basically there is a huge, huge fault in our family legal system.”

Lita, who was briefly engaged to guitarist Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, said: “They don’t help the Parental Alienation they actually encourage it because they get more money. But it is destroying our families. It is destroying the families and that’s wrong. That is not worth the money that they are getting. And the children.

“The children, it destroys the mother, the father – whoever is being alienated. Their families and it destroys the children because they are being stripped away from their parents or parent. In my case, I’m the one who lost the children and now I don’t even know where they are.  It is horrible, it is like the ultimate worst nightmare.

“This has been happening for decades and that is what is so sickening about it. Now it is starting to come out of the closet and it needs to be stopped.

“We need to change our legal system. That is huge. That is going to take some serious power, so I think a lot of the legal systems are starting to get nervous. I’ve noticed that some of my old attorneys are starting to Google me because I’ve seen them on my Facebook snooping around. It is like talking about how screwed up they are.

At least mine were. Maybe somebody else’s aren’t. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin went through this years ago and Alec Baldwin put a book out on parental alienation. Everyone thought oh it was Alec, oh Alec is a bully, he beat Kim or whatever, when in reality it was her that alienated their kid Ireland, from Alec.

“So he wrote a book and there are talk shows and all kinds of stuff you can go to and look and see at what he says about it. He is more diplomatic about it then I am, I just throw it out there, spit it out there, it needs to come out of the closet.”

Her ex-husband Jim says he has full legal custody over their two sons.

He said: “I don’t believe it’s right to say bad things about a child’s parent publicly or in private. I think divorce is hard enough on kids and they certainly don’t need to be hurt or embarrassed.”

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