The bravery of the teenage girl who came to find her ‘lost’ daddy

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By Andrew John Teague, Parental Alienation campaigner

I consider myself a strong person inside who can be emotional about things in life, the stories that touch our hearts … and I have had many of them over the years. 
And I know there are many, many people who are far stronger than me – but what I know for sure was that many years ago I was left` out of two of my daughter’s lives. And never will I let anything push me again.
And I will tell you about strength – a girl who found me when she was almost sixteen.
She is an absolutely amazing girl, now become a woman, who has been through every single part of parental alienation, a survivor who survived an horrendous time because she loved only her one daddy.

I always call her angel from our song years ago, Angel Eyes by Wet Wet Wet.

I am so proud of her, yet I have felt so much regret in my life. Many of you have read the poems I wrote years ago of the pain I felt inside … but if I knew what I know now, I would have moved the heavens for them both.

I had letterbox contact, I had my daughters in tears on the phone nearly every call.
Leannemarie Teague is the strongest person I have ever known and I am so proud of her. What she has gone through no human should ever go through and she has survived it all.

For years she was even segregated from the grandparents she loves so much and I have total respect for them.

My daughter is the only one who has the right to tell her story and only if she wishes too. And I know how hard just thinking about telling your story can be … I know it broke me, it killed me inside.

Now I fight for her sister and all your children to stop the abuse.  Big massive huge hug and tonnes of love to my angel, You are one in a million.

I am so so proud of you tears roll down my face.

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