Bullseye or a double flop as Bristow describes sex abuse victims as ‘wimps’?

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Darts hard man Eric Bristow has been dropped by Sky News after apparently tweeting that victims of child abuse are ‘wimps’.

The 59-years-old darts champ from Staffordshire made the astonishing claim over the new accusations of grooming and sex abuse in football.

Bristow is reported to have said that victims should have faced their attackers in later life and described darts players as real men.

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Update: Eric Bristow has apologised.

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One thought on “Bullseye or a double flop as Bristow describes sex abuse victims as ‘wimps’?

  1. Yes, any person with a brain would be shocked by Bristow’s remarks. They showed total lack of understanding, ignorance and, worse, a desire to kick people who are vulnerable. He should get back to his darts, he obviously doesn’t have the mental capacity to discuss anything more serious.

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