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Well, burger me, is something fishy going on at the king of fast food?

Burger King, home of the Whopper, is accused of actually serving a tiddler to customers who order fish sandwiches.

Andrea Dylan, from Wolverhampton, was flying out to Lisbon, Portugal, when she decided to have a bite at Birmingham Airport as she waited to board her flight.

“A bite to eat –  that’s exactly what I got! It was more or less gone in a bite…

“And it looked like three small fish fingers on a small sesame bun with a bit of salad and a squirt of sauce … I was shocked, because it had cost me £6.99p.”

The average price of a supermarket fish finger is about 20p, a three-inch bun is about 10p and a bit of salad and sauce another 10p​.

“That’s about 50p, so what happened to the other £6.49p?” Andrea, aged 44, asked.

Burger King describes the Fish King as ‘crispy, golden breaded fish fingers, big King sauce and fresh lettuce all served up on a sesame seed bun. One bite and you’re hooked …”

Well actually, Burger King, Andrea said ‘one bite and it’s gone!’

We contacted the fast food giant for comment and are still waiting for a response.

Burger King came in to being 61 years ago and has been battling for the fast food crown with megalith McDonalds for decades.

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2 thoughts on “BURGER OFF – BURGER KING!

  1. I had exactly the same experience at Birmingham airport Burger King. A King Fish as they call it, was expecting a thick piece of fish fillet and got about three fish fingers in a bun. I was disgusted and felt cheated out of 6.99. I complained through their website and got the following response.

    Thank you for your recent email and for taking the time to contact us at BURGER KING® Guest Relations.

    Ensuring a positive guest experience is a top priority at BURGER KING® restaurants around the world and the brand has a heritage of customization. The BURGER KING® brand is committed to regularly innovating its menu to offer guests the products they want. We are very sorry that your experience with the new King Fish sandwich was not up to your standards.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and rest assured that your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate management team.

    Kind Regards,

    BURGER KING® Guest Relations.

    1. Helpful reply off Burger King Tash! What happened to the days when customer service would have dictated they sent you a voucher for another Fish King to show they can actually get it right!

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