editor Leigh G Banks introduces our  Slovak writer’s latest amazing healthy eating recipe … Vegetarian and vegan meals are becoming firmly planted in the world’s fast-food industry. Taco Bell is looking at an entire new vegetarian menu, Chipotle has added vegetarian and vegan food to its output while Burger […]


What is wrong with Britain today! This is another true story … this afternoon I was dispatched to buy a new ‘hoover’ and went into the electrical shop in a nearby Shropshire town where I had my orders to choose a Henry …yes, a Henry. I found one with all […]

By ‘Uncle’ Eric Wiltsher Now this is COOL. A laser keyboard Have an instant full-size keyboard to use with your mobile device. It can be slipped in your pocket! Measuring just 6 x 8.5 cm, this 5200mAh power bank connects to any Apple, Windows or Android device via Bluetooth or […]