Courts could stop parental alienation now – Brigden tells NAAP launch

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An MP fighting parental alienation claims that most of the agony for families could be ended with one simple change to the family law system.

Andrew Brigden, MP for North West Leicestershire, speaking at the House of Commons launch of the National Association of Alienated Parents, said: “Our family courts system has many critics, fathers say they can’t see their children, mothers complain about harassment and families can spend years in and out of court.

“However, there is a straightforward solution to most of these problems. A specific stand-alone fault in the family law system has been identified and it can easily be put right.”

Now Mr Brigden is calling on other MPs to support his demand that Britain’s senior judges look into his claims.

Speaking  about a child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents following separation, said that CAFCASS and the courts had failed to  take a genuine stand against obstructive parents.

He said: “he major part of the problem is the failure of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service and the courts to intervene and take a genuine stand against obstructive parents who engage in parental alienation and prevent court order access. This damages both the relationship between, and the mental health of, the child and the non-resident parent.”

The biggest fight against parental alienation officially began with the launch of the  new campaign group which has connections across the world.

On the run-up to the launch the National Association of Alienated Parents has already sent out a 175 page document demanding the law is changed to protect children and parents alike when a marriage or relationship hits the rocks.

The document – which you can read here – has been put together by lawyers, psychologists and alienation experts and has been sent to social services, Cafcass, Britain’s courts and Parliament.

The report is estimated to be more than 40,000 words long and is one of the most in-depth studies made of the problem.

At the launch at Portcullis House, Westminster, organisers said ‘most of us here are all parents who understand what it is like to live with our children rejecting us without any justification or for the flimsiest of reasons’.

NAAP says that in order to reject a once-loved parent a child must suppress their love and attachment to that parent.

Organisers believe it causes profound emotional and psychological harm with life-long consequences.

One said: “Parental alienation is not a parental rights issue: it is a mental health issue. Harm is inflicted upon our children whilst grief and trauma is inflicted upon parents and families through being erased and removed from their children’s lives.”

NAAP is now offering:

  • A helpline for parents
  • A website with forums
  • Lobbying power

Andrew John Teague, of D.A.D.s (dads against double standards), one of the organisers said: “The way families are treated by the so-called carers and the courts in appalling. Cafcass, which is supposedly there to help people as they try to sort their lives out after separation or divorce and keep in contact with their children, needs to be totally revamped.

“They need to realise that in their ham-fisted and uncaring ways of dealing with families they are destroying lives, including the lives of the children, the people they are supposed to be protecting.”

The has published stories revealing the horrors of what some families have gone through because of the way carers and courts deal with them.

There are well-documented cases of alienated parents being told that they shouldn’t tell their children they love them, send letters and birthday cards expressing affection. While some only have supervised visiting rights others have revealed the heartbreak of not seeing their off-spring, sometimes, for years.

D.A.Ds, which began as a Facebook page and now has more than 20,000 members, was a prime mover in  setting up NAAP along with others including  PA authorities Karen and Nick Woodall, who have published a handbook for parents and practitioners, Understanding Parental Alienation, Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal.

Karen believes that parental alienation is finally starting to be seen as child abuse in the UK and CAFCASS – the organisation which claims it looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings – has agreed it is necessary to change how it treats families.

Many victims of PA deny this is what they do, claiming they do more damage to families and children than good.

Nick describes himself as: “A partner at the Family Separation Clinic. I focus on separating families and supporting the whole family to manage change in ways that provide the best outcomes for children.”
Karen said: “Parents will be supported from now on by the new representative body – The National Association of Alienated Parents. We will join with other parent support bodies as part of the worldwide representation of the needs of families affected by PA. NAAP, will formally launch with a seminar at the House of Commons in February and will increase pressure on government and CAFCASS to properly meet their needs as set out by internationally recognised standards of practice.”

Karen said: “Parental alienation is harmful to children and deeply distressing for families. In its worst form it is serious child abuse, in all forms it is a tragic outcome for children. I welcome the launch of NAAP and know that the power of loving parents will bring great change in the coming year.”


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8 thoughts on “Courts could stop parental alienation now – Brigden tells NAAP launch

  1. This is long over due. I’ve seen the sheer incompetence of court workers, psychologists and especially Social Workers, who support the alienator in abusing their children because they don’t understand the dynamics of PA. If the victim parent dares to react, even after years of intolerable circumstances, they are treated like they are the problem. It’s appalling, takes too long, no one listens to the real issues, and orders aren’t worth the paper they are written on. This needs to happen and happen NOW!

  2. This is absolutely the way to go. The police , the courts , cafcass and social services are not working together to peiece the whole picture together which is so clearly showing alienation and harassment and more so children being emotional abused. We need change , we need to stop allowing parents to use their kids as weapons. Allowing legal aid for abuse cases needs to be stopped too, it’s being used under false allegations how is this allowed. We need to stop being told social services don’t see emotional absue as a high risk. We need to stop paying CSA when contact is denied. We need shared care. We need to stop destroying our future children and setting them up with emotional and psychological problems. We need to enforce court orders and penal notices and stop these abusers . This country this system is failing children. This is not normal behaviour and mental health has to be questioned

  3. How do you get the Crapcass , politicians and family courts to admit they’ve been complicate in child abuse.While at the same time still rolling out statutes that give women the tools with which to beat men around the head.Ill gladly fall on my sword the day a women is found guilty in court of Domestic Abuse due to controling behaviour.Even though men who’ve been in along term relationship with a women will more often than not quote the line,”Anything for a quite life”.

  4. In the U.S., more women lose their children when parental alienation takes place. Thousands of us were the primary caregiver until our children were abducted and then coached, brainwashed into thinking we are to be feared and rejected. Judges ignore it and take great pleasure in severing us from our children. None of us have CPS cases or our rights terminated. Since a judge has zero abuse or unfitness facts against us, they instead eliminate us by not giving us visitation with our children, stating the children don’t want to see us so they will not force them to. This only further alienates our children by making them believe we are bad and we never see our children again. The AFCC in the U.S. is to blame for this as well as BAR attorneys that profit from the conflict. I personally was wrongfully arrested for telling our children’s school counselors our children have posted suicidal ideation on social media. The police made up a claim that I harassed the counselor; didn’t have proof so instead he claimed I refused to give him my driver’s license. My main group is posted below. I live in Texas, but my case is mainly in Iowa. I am also exposing corruption on YouTube under my name.

  5. CAFCASS Cymru are particularly appalling.

    They have no idea which of their officers have been trained in Parental Alienation.

    They also believe that it’s acceptable for their officers to prejudge cases and fabricate reports.

    Lying is institutionalised in this appalling organisation and is seen as acceptable.

  6. This is great but what does a parent do when there is very obvious ignoring of evidence of child abuse? And lies then your child taken away? I would and did encourage a relationship with my son and his father.
    Somewhere in all of the mess of family court, CPS, FOC and police….something is missing and it’s destroying not just current children and families but has the very likely potential of effecting every future generation! Something seriously HAS to change for any child in this mess!!

  7. Severe punishment for any officer of the court that obstructs or perjury or willful misconduct, etc.
    Serious punishment that fits the crime. We already have these laws on the books, but they need to be enforced across the board without exception to send a message to the criminals who work in the legal system!! After these laws and punishment are ordered a couple of times and other weasels realize that their days of trafficking children are over……things will get better for the most important people…..our children!! All groups on both sides of this human rights tragedy need to join together and fight the disgraceful, moral-less cartel that has taken over our family court system! Then when Groups/individuals are unwilling to work together to help better our children’s lives, we know their true motives aren’t in working together but to divide and manipulate! Idk…..but things have got to change very very soon!!

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