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CWF takes command in Australia as Rachel T dials V for Victory after talking to us … we can help with your consumer problems – and more – so, tell us what worries you’re having, contact us at

Here’s what Rachel had to say:

Thanks to advice given to us by CWF we settled with Commander – a major communications supplier in Australia – over a bill for almost AUD $1700.00!

Commander had approached my 18 year old daughter via a cold call. My daughter is a bright girl but very naïve in the ways of the world, as we all were at 18! Commander   tried to charge her for a telephone and internet service she didn’t want and never actually received. They also threatened her with legal action and a black mark on her credit. Scary notions for a kid fresh out of school.

My husband loves a fight and took on Commander for weeks. He did a brilliant job. They offered to reduce the bill by half. We had gone as far as we could go at that point. We were stuck and it looked as though my daughter was going to have to find $800 plus from somewhere, potentially putting herself in further debt to do so.

Enter; Consumer Watch Foundation. The team at CWF told us exactly what to do. Better than that, they never promised we would be victorious. They told us exactly how it was. How refreshing!! They gave us all the information we needed to take the matter to the next level.

Two days ago we received an email from Commander cancelling my daughter’s debt. They say it was “an act of goodwill”. I say it was an act of them not wanting to tangle with CWF!!

Thanks so much to all at CWF. We are grateful for the help you gave us to put an end to the matter. Suffice to say, if my daughter is cold called ever again, she will be hanging up the phone very quickly!!

Rachel T

Thanks for your mail Rachel, glad we could help.

It’s a problem people can face across the world… companies which cold-call to drum up business. Most countries now have a cooling-off period, normally of seven days, if you have been cold-called.  However, some companies ‘forget’ to point this out.

Throughout   Europe, for instance, consumers have legal rights if they are subjected to pressure selling or have agreed to buy items at a distance, although the letter of the law varies from state to state.

The starting point to redress the balance is to contact the company and find out what you’ve signed up for, why and how. Commander believed they had a verbal contract in this case and verbal contracts are legally binding.

However, as it turns out, when Commander had the full argument put before them they did wiped out the debt…

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