This dad asked for help to buy Christmas presents, so why did people attack him?


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Father-of-five Ben Buckley has been viciously attacked on social media after launching a GoFundMe appeal to raise £2,000 to pay for Christmas.

Ben said he is ‘begging and pleading to give his children a happy Christmas’  after his pregnant wife Kirsty was admitted to hospital on several occasions with a lung infection.

He says he had to reduce his working hours to care for his family, and while he can afford his rent and household bills, he is ‘panicking’ about buying gifts for his children.

Ben said: “I understand that this isn’t anything compared to others problems and I feel awful having to ask for this help.”

But the warehouse worker, aged 32, has been viciously attacked for his actions.


Another said: “My Christmas when i was younger was a small dinner and a few small presents as my mother was so poor she could barely afford to keep the house; i guess some people have no dignity these days ; nobody helped us.”

One man wrote: “Get a grip of yourself the whole country is struggling what a joke stop scabbing from others and get handle on your life I’m a single parent with 2 children and I’m giving my kids a Christmas I can afford your just greedy and you think everyone owes you something you should be ashamed of yourself…”

As the list of attacks continued to grow, The asks one simple question … is this really the Christmas spirit that’s alive in the UK today?

Despite the attacks, Ben’s ‘begging’ has raised almost £500 in donations and he said: “I would like to thank all who have helped already, I really can’t thank you all enough. And to all the people leaving negative comments I understand where you coming from and what your saying.

“I wouldn’t of gone this route if I had other options I am embarrassed and I’m ashamed.”I’m sorry if I’ve upset and people that was never my intention.”

This is Ben’s story in his own words: “I would like to apologise for my awfull punctuation. Firstly a bit about my self and family I’m Ben I’m 32 my partner is Kirsty she’s 35 we have five beautiful children together and all is good. at least on the surface.

“I’ve started this go fund me as I don’t know what else to do or where else to turn, I work a low paid job in a warehouse doing between 45 to 60 hours a week which normally is just enough to get us by, but this year my youngest daughter Jessica was just born November 4th unfortunately it wasn’t a very smooth pregnancy and we had alsorts of troubles and ups and downs we was told she may be down syndrome we was told she would have alsorts of problems in the early days ( she was born a healthy baby with no problem s in the end thank god) she grew a lot quicker than what’s normal causing my partner many problems through the pregnancy especially in the last months.

“Which ment she ended up bed ridden in hospital several times.

“Because of all this I had to take a fair amount of time off work in the last month’s thinking I was going to be supported by my work place I didn’t worry to much about money.

“But it turns out my main boss had a problem with it and I’m not going to be getting paid like I expected to be. where now in a huge panic about Christmas and have no clue how we are going to provide our kids with a Christmas at all I’m been paid just enough money to cover the rent and bills.

“This should be a happy time for us all but under the surface of it all for mee and my partner it’s nothing but anxiety and worry about what’s to come and what we are to tell the kids and many other things.

“I don’t normally do charity I give to charitys but don’t expect to be given to by them but this time round I’m grasping at straws.

“I beg and plead for some help so I can give my children a happy Christmas.”

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14 thoughts on “This dad asked for help to buy Christmas presents, so why did people attack him?

  1. Ciarán Scott Most important thing is family not presents. But I do get that you don’t want your kids to wake up christmas morning with very little there. They don’t really understand and know the situation. Is it ok to beg and ask other people to fund it for you, well am sure he can answer that question himself. I think the big outcry is more for asking for 2000. If he had of just asked for 400 then people would not be making much of a deal. If he spends ludicrous amounts of money on his children then thats on him, he will be setting fundme pages up every year

  2. Alan Porritt Fooking 2grand 😳
    £50 Buy/sell/swap quid bid etc can get loads of all sorts. Like the rest that struggle on and make the very best 😍 bet mine are more great full x

  3. Horatio Hornblower The shocking thing is how Christmas has been commercialised and has just become about materialism and money.

  4. Barbara Sankey O’Brien Many children depend on food banks and a gift from a hospital or charity nevermind £2,000 worth of gifts. Does he donate to food banks, hospital’s, or supermarkets drop off points ,, i wonder x❤x

  5. Stacey Leanne
    Stacey Leanne It’s embarrassing. If I found out my partner was begging people for money to afford Xmas I’d go nuts! Moms had the baby now why can’t he pick some hours back up? Everyone struggles but you do what you can with what you’ve got.

  6. Annemarie Davies I personally think it’s just cheeky but at the same time genius! If people are foolish enough to donate then what can you say?

  7. Amber Maynard Tbh they have 5 kids and he does work a lot of hours but he can’t expect Everyone else to pay for it. There’s food banks if they are that broke. You can always pawn stuff or credit cards. Everyone else does it. They decided to have another baby so they should fit the bill for raising such a big family.

  8. Aimee Rushton Part of me is thinking no you chose to have 5 kids so get on with it, it would be a good lesson to them. We were in this situation a few years ago when my other half had a accident and had to have 3 months off work but we managed and it turned out a nice Christmas.
    But another part of me thinks well it’s Christmas and the season of giving

  9. Becky Henson We spend just over 2k on presents for everyone so I know where he’s coming from. I feel sorry for him he’s been dealt a shit hand and needs help right now

  10. Danielle Louise Lee I’m a single mum to 5 kids and I’m working part time I never have spent £2000 on Christmas I rely on myself and yes times are hard

  11. Wendy Keniwell I can’t bring myself to get worked up about it. It’s cheeky to ask, yes, but if people are happy to donate, then that’s up to them! No’ones forcing them to.

  12. Shelly Harman I wouldn’t donate not being funny you don’t even need £2000 day £100 for tree and decs £200 food £500 kids ( £100 each )

    Max of £ 800

    I would never lower myself to ask!

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