Dad’s pledge to document battle to see his daughter

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Divorce is rarely a straight forward business and everybody involved, husband, wife and off-spring often become victims … worse still though is the fact that at least a million men in the UK alone have lost touch with their children … CWF is campaigning for Better Divorce and here dad Andy Lambert, from Northamptonshire, tells his own powerful story of loss and determination

When my daughter was born it was the happiest moment of my life.  The only other time I have felt such power in emotion was when I was told my daughter screams that she doesn’t want to speak to me ever again.

I was broken, and for a while I did not see how I could possibly fight for my right to see my daughter. It wasn’t until I started joining some various support groups and started looking into Matt O’Conner, founder of Fathers4justice, that I realised I can fight back.

I feel, like many men, I have become estranged from my daughter.

After trying once again to speak to her recently I received a Facebook message from a random person who I do not know telling me that she knows my daughter better than me, and that every single time I try to contact her she screams and is petrified of me.

I cannot think for one second why she is scared of me, the last time I was able to see her which was approximately one year ago, she was in tears begging me not to go.

In fact it was because of the last time I saw her that I have become alienated.

I have problems speaking to my ex – we just can’t talk, discussions suggesting my daughter stays with me or even Skype contact have ended badly between us.

I live in England, and she lives in Scotland.

In England to request contact with your child you need to try and hash it out with your ex first, if that will not work then ask for mediation. If that doesn’t work the next step is court. In court you must fill out a C100 Form and present it along with the court fees. Send it to your nearest court with £215 of fees and then go to court and fight your corner.

In Scotland the system is similar – however you need to attend court under an “Ordinary Cause” using the G1 Form and a fee for an initial Writ of £96, or at least this is my understanding currently.

I have setup a YouTube channel, and I intend to document my journey to get my daughter back in my life. And how to go to court in Scotland for contact with your children.

I will also be requesting a form of mediation to help resolve what I feel is parental estrangement.

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