Who Dares Wins as mums and grans join parental alienation campaigners in the Brecon Beacons

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A group of mums and grandmothers and a leading politician are expected to join Andrew John Teague in a gruelling hike up one of Wales’ most dangerous mountain ranges to highlight parental alienation.

At least 20 people have agreed to make the climb up Pen Y Fan in the  notorious Brecon Beacons on June 11.

Andrew, a prime mover in the world-wide battle against parental alienation, has organised the climb to take the fight to ‘new heights’.

Andrew, who fought for years to maintain contact with his children, two years ago began the Facebook page D.A.D.S. (dads against double standards), which led directly to the creation of NAAP, said: “Many parents who are forced into family courts with no money no legal representation – and even those who have legal representation – are not prepared for what happens.
“One of the things that is already recognised is the length of time children are kept away from the alienated parent and the emotional harm that is done to that child.

“We’re going to scale Pen Y Fan to let people know that the battle is still going – we’re going to shout it from the top of the world so to speak.”

It is normally thought that dads are the main victims of PA but as more and more people across the world join the campaign highlighted in the pages of the consumerwatchfoundation.com every week, the devastation caused to ALL members of families has become clear.

Andrew said: “That’s why we were so gratified that so many mums and grandparents elected to make the climb with us. The damage a bitter ex can do is incalculable and everybody is a victim. The perpetrators should hang their heads in shame.”

Neil McEvoy

Welsh politician Neil McEvoy has also expressed an interest in joining the mountain walk.

He has been instrumental in putting forward a proposal  for a new Bill, Putting Children First. It is described as ‘taking a child-centred approach to protect children from emotional abuse by a parent, care giver or professional who consciously or unconsciously acts to alienate the child from one or both of their parents or family members’.
Pen y Fan rises to 2906 feet above sea level. A number of years ago, three SAS recruits died on a march in  stifling heat. The Brecon Beacons is still the chosen testing ground for the Special Air Service and is described as a deceptive and gruelling environment.

Recently Andrew made it to the top of Snowdon. He had put in a lot of training for this major protest – a 100 mile walk from his home in Swansea across the Snowdon national park to the mountain itself.

And as he reached the top of   600ft high Kilvey Hill on a practice run he
admitted: “I can feel my pulse pumping inside my head … but it’s worth it  to raise awareness.”

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One thought on “Who Dares Wins as mums and grans join parental alienation campaigners in the Brecon Beacons

  1. Thank you Andrew ,for making this form of abuse better known to the world. I moved to where my ex got a job and where his big family would be a good support system for my children….when my own support system was in a state over 1,000 miles away. I put my children first … i lost my first child at the tender age of 7 and 1/2 weeks (after I almost died having him). So now I feel as though I have lost all 3 of my children….but I pray that one day they will understand what i did better than they do now…..I have worked with children my whole life….always loved children and young people – and I will continue to do so the rest of my days!

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