The day I have dreaded… Andrew’s tears as members die in run-up to world-wide protest


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World-wide protesters against parental alienation are horrified to hear that two of their members have died.

The tragic announcement about two young fathers was made on the run-up to major ‘shirt off our backs’ protests and other events against parental alienation in cities in Canada, the US, Malaysia, Northern Ireland and Britain tomorrow (Tuesday, July 25, 2017).

Andrew John Teague

Andrew John Teague,  from Swansea, who began D.A.D.S. (Dads against double standards) just a year ago, was celebrating his own victory after a family court threw out any doubts about his parenting abilities and gave him proper  access, when he received calls telling him of the tragedies.

He said: “It was the day I have been dreading. I check my Facebook every morning to make sure we are all alive.

“And now this … the courts across the world don’t want to admit there is parental alienation … we need to educate these people in power over what is happening and stop people being forced to feel so low about their relationships with their children that they go to these tragic lengths.”

Now Andrew and the group members have dedicated tomorrow’s protest to those who have died and will hold a minute’s silence at each venue.

Andrew said: “What else can we do? This is one of the saddest days of the group existence just as we launch the biggest protest ever. We have events across the world in 50 cities ・ we have to get the point across somehow. Parents shouldn’t be going down this path because their relationships didn’t work out.

“I have spoken to 60  or 70 members in the last year who have been suicidal and I know of many who have survived overdoses and self-medication with alcohol.

“The awful thing is that many parents become alienated from their children because of manipulation and lies and because of the unfairness of it all and anxiety if it all they get depressed – and their depression is used against them by social workers in court to prove their not fit to be parents!”

 Tomorrow people wearing  shirts signed by thousands of disaffected parents will strip to the waist as part of the group #unique #shirtoffyourback protest.

The protest is a symbolic gesture towards family courts which the group say create parental alienation because of the restrictions they work under and the information given to them by over-cautious social workers.

The group recently claimed a major success after a Father’s Day   protest and march in Edinburgh.

Andrew said: “How many more parents must die before there is a change to the law?

“It is particularly poignant that I was vindicated of the things I had been accused of – things that no caring parent should ever have said about them – it should have given people hope and I know it has. If I can win my child back, then we all can…

“But it has been so hard over the last three months – and for a year and a half before that … it’s been the biggest roller-coaster ride in my life,” he said.

In many cases it would be understandable for a parent to walk away from a site like D.A.D.S. (Dads against double standards) which has gathered more than 20,000 members in the last twelve months.

But Andrew has pledged to continue the fight to get members back with their children.

The D.A.D.S. campaign is acknowledged across the world and the  has promised to keep readers informed of their progress.

Bryan Carter, aged 36, who lived in Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, died last week. He is to be buried with two of his children who died from medical complications. He had spent a long time fighting to maintain contact with his remaining daughters.

We have been asked to withhold the name of the other victim, from the UK, out of respect for his family.


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One thought on “The day I have dreaded… Andrew’s tears as members die in run-up to world-wide protest

  1. I’ve been fighting for my daughter for 6 1/2 years. She was 5. Everyone one says it’s about the children but no one makes it about them. Kids deserve to be loved by as many people as possible. To steal a mother or fathers love from a child is a heinous crime. The courts, lawyers, and therapists who work together in order to alienate a child from a loving parent are guilty of child abuse. They can erase the chalkboard, but she will still be able to see something was there, hopefully one day she will want to know what was written. Until then I will keep fighting. A vital member of our family is gone and we feel her absence every day. This is more than a battle–it’s war, the mental and emotional health of our children and the parents who are suffering without them is at stake.

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