A day in the life of an alienated parent

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This video reveals the true agony of becoming a victim of parental alienation … last Friday morning two fathers faced heart-break head-on and wept over  the pressure of trying to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children.

Dad’s crusader Andrew J Teague was due to talk LIVE about parental alienation on Postcard from Poprad on RTI.fm http://www.rti.fm/ but at the last minute was called away to help a member of his group who was teetering on the edge.

Andrew spent two hours talking the unnamed member down from his despair. He said afterwards: “I couldn’t put the phone down on him, how could I? I have felt similar feelings to his in my own personal battle to keep in contact with my daughter.”

And Andrew revealed that more and more he and  others running the site are spending time  talking to estranged  parents who have hit rock bottom as their ex-partners twist their children against them or  they come up against the brick wall of bureaucracy which ham-strings courts and social services.

Many parents find it so difficult to see their children that despite paying hundreds of pounds in maintenance they are also paying for supervised access. One man says this costs him EIGHTY pounds a time to spend two hours with his child.

Estranged parents – who have perhaps lost all contact because of lies about them – are certainly vulnerable and  sadly to some suicide can appear to be the only way out.

NACSA,  a lobbying group set up to fight the way the CSA hurt divorced people, actually published an online ‘Book of Death’ listing those who had taken their own lives because of stress and loss.

 Sadly though, this type of comment appears on a daily basis on the Dad’s.Against.Double.Standards site highlighting the real despair parents without custody go through:

“Drunk and giving up on life, no point anymore, never gonna see my daughter grow up into the woman she’ll become…”

“Night all hope the drink and my meds work and I don’t wake up …”

“GOD finding it really hard to put the Christmas tree up my heart is just not in it this year…”

Andrew said: “There is a phenomenon the world over, parental alienation. Hundreds of thousands are denied access to a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents.

“Sadly it is often the mother who develops a pattern of parental alienation not only from the father, but from all of the paternal family. This obviously works the other way too but statistically more men become victims.”

Custody battles have sadly always been a case of winner-takes-all with one partner – usually the mother – getting the biggest prize, the children.
But the fact is that children need their fathers too and shocking figures reveal that up to 75,000 children every year in the UK alone could become the victims – and the innocent guided missiles – of Parental Alienation Syndrome.
Andrew   said: “We see lots of cases like this and yet Parental Alienation receives very little attention.”
Andrew, from Swansea, will be talking on Friday at midday on Postcard from Poprad, RTI.fm’s flagship news programme. To listen at midday  Friday go to http://www.rti.fm/

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