A Dog’s Life … What’s it Worth in UK?

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About as much as an ambulance man’s – that’s how much!

What is wrong with you UK?

While driving home yesterday we came up against an ambulance stopped in the middle of country road… we stopped and waited for a few moments until we saw the ambulance driver trying to drag what looked like a bag of dirty old rags on to the narrow footpath … all the time on-coming traffic was forcing its way past him.

The bloke was actually trying to stop a stray getting run over but was having problems because of the dog struggling and  having to also dodge drivers ignoring the fact that now there was  not only a dog in the carriageway but a human being too!

I jumped out of the car and between us we tried to get the animal into a field – we chucked sticks to take it away from the road – but it kept bringing them back!

By now a convoy of 44 tonne trucks were driving down the narrow pavement to get past us … not one of them would have felt it if they’d rolled over the dog, the ambulance driver or me – and likely they wouldn’t have cared anyway, all they wanted to do wastake their twenty two tonne loads of tinted toilet tissue to Timothy White and Taylors in Tintwhistle.

Meanwhile, car drivers on their way home from work were getting furious – nearly time for Emmerdale I suppose!

By now the terrified dog was running in and out of the traffic with us chasing it … the noise of Ford Focuses, 4x4s and wagons doing emergency stops to avoid obliterating one or all of us was unbelievable!

Finally we caught the dog and got it in the back of a farmer’s pick-up and he drove it to the local dog sanctuary.

You know what annoys me? It’s the simple fact that out of the 100 or so vehicles held up   only three of us had a go at rescuing this dog … the rest sat there getting angry and frustrated then put three lives at risk so they could carry on their journeys – to what?

Telly? Tintwhistle? Tea time?

Well done again caring sharing compassionate Britain.

The dog’s fine by the way, if anybody wants to know!



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