Dying for love, the parents who can’t take alienation any more

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A group set up to battle parental alienation has revealed how many of its members have been driven to the brink of suicide because the fight to see their children has become too much.

The group D.A.D.s (dads against double standards), which has thousands of members, conducted a survey and shockingly scores of people reported they have become suicidal as their children turn against them after divorce or separation.

Andrew John Teague, who started the group less than a year ago with other victims, has also revealed how he has spent hours talking to people back from the edge.

Andrew, from Swansea, said: “Sometimes I’ve spent hours talking to grown men who are breaking their hearts because the courts and the parent with care seem to be deliberately trying to end their access. It is shocking to think though, it’s not only dads, it’s mums, grandparents, and the children too who are facing up to these tragic circumstances.”

Over the last ten months I have watched so many go through so much. And it is heartbreaking.   Parents, grandparents and extended families are fighting relentlessly to be in their children’s lives.
But we are stopped from seeing them by exes, by new partners and by the families of our exes.   Absolutely disgusting behaviour from one human to another.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics said that four years ago suicide among men has reached its highest levels since the early Eighties.

 Another report says parental alienation can seriously affect men’s mental health but also makes it clear that   children caught in a cruel and vicious break-up can develop guilt, sadness, and depression.

And perhaps more revealingly an author’s study in Australia says that each day a parent dies due to the stress and heartbreak of losing  their child in divorce, abduction or  being taken into foster care.

Researching her book, Strength for Parents of Missing Children, Marie White contacted experts in the fields of abduction, parental alienation, grief, and divorce.

She said: “Children do come home, but what if the children come home and their parents aren’t there because they’ve committed suicide?”

In the survey carried out by the D.A.D.s group Paulene revealed: “I was suicidal a year ago and wanted to gas myself in the garage. I was such a mess and didn’t think I could cope. But now I’m here for the children, I love them so much.

Graeme wrote :”Depressed most of the time and have no faith in the law.”

Darren said: “Depressed and close to giving up.”

 David said: I‘m amazed that more parents who’ve had the pleasure of family court haven’t killed themselves. The last six years are right up there on being the worst of my 50 years on this rock.”

Robert said: “Even my son says give up dad, she keeps winning and he is suffering from depression now too,”

Andrew has this message for victims of parental alienation: Don’t die inside speak out – for three and a half years I went through domestic hell and felt   like I was walking on egg shells but now I am free and can speak out with pride.”

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21 thoughts on “Dying for love, the parents who can’t take alienation any more

  1. This happens to just as many mothers and more moms are affected by never seeing their kids than ever before and in most custody mods. I’ve been on the edge several times and literally. I talked w 4 moms on Mother’s Day that wanted to end it.

    1. I’m struggling – big time.. my ex alienated my sones from me on 8th Jan.
      I am VERY close to them both 12 & 14, but ex has turned them against me and now the eldest is telling lies about me
      ANY HELP

    2. THANK YOU! I’m an alienated mom and when I was tricked into a permanent 700 mile separation from my girls, I considered suicide on a daily basis but I couldn’t hang that legacy on my girls. I had never heard of parental alienation at the time, so I had no idea anyone else had ever gone through this.

      1. I want to kill my self
        I am a mother
        I am a Registered Nurse
        I have been severely alienated
        by my billionaire ex Husband
        Judge Lopez dallas family court 256th shall be the reason I die and my sons slowly do in the hands of their narcissistic father

        1. Anna please stay strong for your kids. I am in the same position with my kids. There is hope and we can overcome this together, men and women. Take care.

      1. This support is for ALL alienated parents. I think PA makes every victim contemplate suicide, and I sense that many have ended their lives because they believed their child didn’t love them anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. PA is intolerable cruelty.
        Everyone who has commented here is deserving of our compassion.
        Except for you, sir, because you have chosen to kick people who are already down. have already been knocked down. You can shove your misogyny right up your ass. I spit on you.

      2. as a father in a terrible post divorce predicament, and as a once alienated child thru circumstances i had no control over, i can say this: men are definitely judged more harshly, and the bias is quite clear when it comes to gender in court. that being said, many women experience this for a variety of reasons, not necessarily legal, my mother was a troubled individual. i went from the age of 14 to the time i was 22 without seeing her. it was equally detrimental and harmful for us both, for various reasons. we had only begun to make up for lost time when my mother tragically lost her long, unfathomable battle with ALS. there are questions i can never ask, and time i will never get back. today.. im losing that time with my own son. but thats another story.

    3. Im a alienated mother of 23 years now.its affected my life in so many ways i can only imagine what my children have gone through. One of the three has found her way back to me but our relationship is rocky. I now struggle with depression and years of substance abuse and attempted suicide once. Its affected my parenting with my youngest child i had after my divorce and its overall reeked havoc on my entire life. I never imagined id grieve for my children as if they were dead and cant put into words the pain i suffer daily. The guilt the resentment. Then i think of them and what they must feel. They were raised to believe i left them. Didnt want them. Replaced them. In return iv avoided holidays with family. Iv avoided being around anyone elses kids. I dont have a intrest in anything involving parents and their kids. It hurts too bad. I feel like a failure and iv let my life pretty much waste away in depression and anger. No sign of things changing. Iv learned to disconnect and move on now 20 plus years later and it sounds horrible to say but life goes on. Nothing stops. You dont get a do over when u have missed your kids whole life and dont even know their favorite color. This is something courts dont consider or even care about especailly when u are young cant afford legal help and so ignorant to how family court works your litterally taking your legal advice from the alienaters attorney. There should be so much more offered to mothers who are alone lacking family support and finacial means if not that then more mental help when it comes to properly dealing with the aftermath. Hell. Its been pure hell.

      1. Reading your short story shows I am not alone. My ex and I divorced 24+ years ago. She started right away with her web of deception. She took out papers after lying more than a few times. I came by the first Easter with the kids Easter baskets. She knew I was going to play golf and ask if I had any beer with me. Knowing I always drank while playing so she said lets drink a couple and just talk. I thought gee this is nice so we had 2 beers each. The next week I was severed with a court order that I came over on Easter morning was drunk and felt that my visitations should be structured and supervised by court case worker. This was just 1 of dozens of times she made up stories and would drag me in court. She is 62 now but still has so much hate. I wrote a olive branch letter about 6 months ago asking if she and I could start getting along. Then my son calls me and is really upset telling me to stop blaming his mother because of mine and his relationship being bad. So I cant go to the left or the right and no way up the center. This has caused me health issue’s, I have had 2 stents put in my heart and major depression. She has been so evil I really have thought about leaving this world. My granddaughters hate me cuz of my delusional daughter. I feel like my future has been robbed in broad daylight and nothing I can say or do will change any of this hate and lies. But I keep going hoping there will be a lightbulb moment where at least one will see what I am going thru.

  2. I’m there,
    can’t see a way forward.
    Can’t work due to long term health matters.
    I’m homeless and no matter where I’ve turned to for help I come up against the usual brick wall.
    Mental health services have failed me, the benefit system have failed me, housing have failed me.
    I sit here today, my eyes puffed and dry, no more tears can come, numb inside.
    I can’t go on like this.
    When you took our children from me, you destroyed me.
    Rejoice in your victory.
    I just can’t do this anymore.

  3. The family law system is a disgrace. Wholly biased, wholly unfair.

    I’ve given up hope of ever seeing my children again.

    Family lawyers or indeed any other practitioner profiting from this system who choose to come anywhere near me will be savaged. I’ve had enough of them.

  4. I been in this hell 4 years my exwife lies all the time my son who’s 13 is completely brainwashed now for sure ! I taught him to skate and play hockey was there in all the young leagues mites, squirts , peewees , now bantams after he turned 11 he didn’t need me to get him ready anymore that was my only time I actually got to interact with him tying his skates and all that, now ha forget it it’s like he has no memory of that and it wasn’t all that long ago ! Every weekend he plays usually Saturday and Sunday I just got home I stand in the same spot I always do behind the goal he shoots at twice , today he didn’t even look at me not once like I’m a fkng monster , but I saw him wave to my exwife and her asshole family you see my parents are dead so it’s only me shes still got her whole fkn family of evil parasites who hate my guts ! Why ? Because I love my son I guess and I wont go away like they want me 2 ! The shit they put in my boys head is pure poison but I cannot do shit about it because I paid lawyers thousands and always got fucked because her little Jewish old bag lawyer is on the board of whatever shes best friends with judges I got creamed in court for doing absolutely nothing!so here we are week after week same ole shit I’m tapped can barely pay rent , my ex wife is remarried living in my house it’s so great ! Now my son who used to take my calls and answer texts no longer does that so I gave that up ! So yes hes a good student he decides he wants to go to private school high school 18 grand a year my exwife actually sends me tuition Bills via email this nightmare is only gonna end one way I’m slowly dieing anyway I can barely walk somedays!what makes people so fkn evil?

    1. “… little Jewish old bag lawyer…” Why has the site admin not deleted this antisemitic dickhead’s comment?

      1. Tom, probably because he’s not thinking clearly as most of us don’t going through the hell he describes. Shut the hell up and learn some compassion, you jackass.

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