Too-early-for-Christmas present ideas!

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By ‘Uncle’ Eric Wiltsher

Now this is COOL. A laser keyboard


Have an instant full-size keyboard to use with your mobile device. It can be slipped in your pocket!

Measuring just 6 x 8.5 cm, this 5200mAh power bank connects to any Apple, Windows or Android device via Bluetooth or USB to project a full-size English Qwerty keyboard onto any flat surface. Includes a USB cable with standard and micro USB connections.

3 hours charge time for 20 hours of use.

Needs to be a good friend, a laser keyboard will cost you £99.99

How COOL is this?


Measuring just 4cm across, the micro-sized NanoDrone can fly in all directions and do 360 degree flips! With 3 modes to choose from (Junior, Intermediate and Headless) and a trimming function that allows you to adjust the flight, it can be operated at a distance of up to 25 metres from the remote!

You can use it indoors or outside in calm or light wind conditions.

Charge the drone by connecting it via the supplied USB cable to a laptop, computer or USB socket. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes for full charge time, which provides about 5-8 minutes of flying.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries for the remote (not included).

For ages 14 years and over.

Got one for my son – NO REALLY – well worth the £29.99 price tag.

It’s NO JOKE, it can climb the walls



Priced at £19.99 This tiny Remote Control Car is quite literally off the wall! Thanks to a vacuum undercarriage you can drive it all over the house – on the floor, up the walls and even across the ceiling. Simply charge it up for between 20-40 minutes for some adrenaline-filled zero gravity fun.

13cm. For ages 8 years and over.

Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)

This has to be included


I started my working life with the GPO which then became British Telecom.

Listen to your old 45, 33 and 78rpm records on this 1950s-style Music Player that also allows you to record vinyl and CDs directly to USB stick or SD card, so that you can listen to them on a portable device.

The Memphis Music Player has a CD player, FM radio and a 3.5mm jack plug for MP3 playback.

Other features include an LCD display with blue backlight, built-in amplifier and speakers, bass boost function and remote control. Mains operated.

Available in Red or Black.

18 x 38 x 35cm.

Replacement Stylus also available.  Unit price £119.99

What will Henry do next?


No one should be without a Henry – and that goes for your electronic devices, too!

This Henry Screen Cleaner has a soft microfibre base to keep your tablet, mobile or laptop dust-free.

Machine washable. Boxed. 9 x 6cm dia. Hours of fun for £5.99

One for our esteemed ageing editor next.


Increase the size of your smartphone display up to three times with this portable screen magnifier that’s perfect for enhanced viewing on the go. Suitable for virtually any smartphone, simply slot your device behind the screen, landscape or portrait, adjust the angle to suit and it’s ready to go! It’s great for watching videos or films, whether tucked up in bed, flying abroad, or if you want to share some great match moments with your friends.

20cm screen. At least he won’t lose this like his glasses. £16.99

Too many chargers?


Plug in and charge up to 4 electronic devices using one single adaptor. The Cool Charger has 4 individual USB ports, perfect for phones, tablets, e-readers and game consoles.

Just plug the adaptor into a mains socket, plug in your chosen USB cable, and switch it on. LED lights on the top of the adaptor light up red to show which port is charging and switch off when the device is charged or the port isn’t in use.

Total output 3500 mA (that’s a lot). £9.99, possibly better value than a branded replacement unit.

Been there, done that


YES, even the spark plugs light up!

Boys of all ages will love this Construction Kit that contains everything you need to make your own fully-working model of a V8 engine.

Produced by the publishers of the indispensable Haynes car manuals, the Build-your-own V8 Engine has instructions in classic Haynes format.

Although the engine is a simplified version of the real thing, it is a really fun way to show how an engine actually works.

The kit contains 250 parts to assemble, plus simple step-by-step instructions. Once built, it features ignition sound and illuminating spark plugs. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included. Once a lot more expensive, now £49.00

I wouldn’t call it Super High Definition


But when you want to share pictures of babies who are now teenagers, it can be fun

Enjoy big screen viewing from your smartphone with this lightweight and portable Smartphone Projector. Perfect for sharing videos, photos and live streaming with family and friends, it projects a screen size of between 50-99cm onto any flat surface. It’s great for watching a big match, looking at your holiday shots, skyping, watching films and so much more. With pull out stand and slots in the side for a charging cable and headphone wires. Compatible with all phones, it has a grippy silicone base to keep your device firmly in place.

Boxed. 19 x 11cm. AT £19.99 you can’t expect super HD can you?

This could put a spanner in the works


Yes a little pricey, but not the same construction as a cheap tool box.

Feel manly and enjoy food on the go when you cook on this portable Tool Box BBQ. The well designed pull-out barbeque unfolds to reveal a cooking rack warmer and storage drawer. It has handles that become legs, a stainless steel grill, a removable charcoal fuel tray and a vented base. 40.5 x 16 x 20cm

Store price £69.99


N.B. Prices may vary from store to store and annually will change. Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Eric Wiltsher

Eric is a former BBC TV, radio & online journalist. Now lives in Slovakia and is MD of a digital media company

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