What on Earth is going on as ‘Mad’ Mike’s theory falls a bit flat again

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As another attempt to prove the Earth is actually flat fails, Dorrie Bridge takes a look at what shape The Flat Earth Society itself is actually in.

Mad Mike Hughes, from California, is a flat Earth theorist.     He is known worldwide for designing and building rockets to launch himself into space to photograph the Earth and prove it’s not really round.

Dorrie writes: If there one thing he succeeded in – he turned my curious mind to just what is going on.
I overheard someone say, seriously and decidedly: “Of course you have to remember that the Earth is flat.”     Had I been in his company would I have looked him in the eye, held his gaze and – laughed?     Or possibly settled for, “You must be joking!”     Even, “Shake my hand;     you’re absolutely spot-on!”

If, however, he had been an eight-year-old asking me what I thought I’d have sat him down and told him that I had never given it serious thought.         That, I guess, is the true answer for a large percentage of earthlings.     We’ve been too busy struggling to survive to even consider it.

Do we really, the non-scientific, scurrying hordes take the world around us for granted?     What, indeed, do we know to convince us that the Earth is actually a spinning ball.

It seems that ‘flat-earthers’ believe this theory as a result of taking certain ancient religious writings literally.     Or they see the truth in it as factual reason; just as some people merely think it is quite fun to join a club where like-minded people discuss the myth and try to rationalize it.

The Earth is a disc with a depth of some twelve kilometers.     You won’t fall off the edge because the circumference is surrounded by a wall of ice (Antarctica) about a hundred and fifty feet high.     No one has ever navigated through the Antarctic as the weather gets progressively worse as you go further into it.     The theories are fascinating over a pint or an orange juice – whether you are just having a laugh or are seriously deluded.

Other planets in our Solar system which seem to be spherical are easily explained away as they are not actually planets but are ‘stars with strong radiance’.

How then can we travel right round the Earth and land at exactly our starting point.         As far as I can see there is some deeper thought needed on this one but the only explanation I picked up is that ‘you must be using faulty compasses.’

But, don’t we know because satellites orbit our planet. Russia and U.S. have the international Space Station (ISS).     We can actually see photos of the spherical Earth.

Oh, yes!     What happens to planes which fly over the top of the Arctic Ice?         I think the jury is out on that one as the only answer I could find was that there is a dome of some vague substance covering the disc called Earth, and planes would hit the brakes and do a U turn.

Let’s say that we decided to drill through the twelve kilometers depth of the disc – would we simply slip (or plop) out into nether space when we reached the base.

One thing these flat earth exponents do seem to agree is that gravity exists.

They give Isaac Newton, the one with the apple, a lot of credulity. Thanks to Mr Newton about three hundred and fifty years ago, we know why we always fall back to the ground no matter how high we jump or fall.

They don’t even deny the pull between the flat Moon and flat Earth which effects the tides.

However, come on!

Have we, the round earthers been brainwashed to accept this theory of gravity through what could be seen as fake-science or surreal logic?

If we go back as recently as Christopher Columbus, the commoners thought the Earth was flat.

Already the educated in society were questioning this, but Chris was warned not to start out on his sea trip to India and The West Indies as he would meet oceans filled with gigantic monsters which would devour his ship, or if any part of it survived there were massive waterfalls over which they would plunge.

However, he was sure the world was round and his main mistake was to underestimate the size of it.     He found he lived on a much bigger sphere when he came across America, and started running short of supplies.

Tomes of ancient writing show that the flat earth theory was even then being thrown into doubt.         Eratosthenes, the world’s first geographer, in Ancient Greece produced maps based on a spherical Earth.

Whatever conclusion anyone, anywhere, any time reaches, one question keeps arising in my inadequate conjectures -do I really believe that we live on a spinning ball comprised of multi fathoms of water and random rock?     Millions of us can balance on this with no effort whatsoever.     Why don’t we fly off higgledy-piggledy with flailing limbs akimbo, like manic matchstick men, in a Lowry style burlesque?

I touch my flat cap to Mr Isaac Newton.     Nice one!

What do you think? Is the Earth as flat as a joke on Radio Two? Tell us your thoughts here   https://www.consumerwatchfoundation.com/send-us-story/

Dorrie Jane Bridge

Dorrie is a former educationalist with a major interest in politics … she writes our Grey Pride section.

3 thoughts on “What on Earth is going on as ‘Mad’ Mike’s theory falls a bit flat again

  1. Wow, talk about a biased article. You should do more research and take your popularity into consideration before you bash such a growing community.

    1. Hi Jamey – put things right! Explain your views on the subject etc … i’m happy to look at it for publication!


  2. Its a flat earth but still revolves itself as you can notice the sun rises always at the east and sets at the west

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