Ectomorphs of the World Unite – this really isn’t just another tall tale!

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Quite rightly in this world, we cannot discriminate against people on the basis of race, creed, religion, disability, sex, age etc etc… but do you know who we can discriminate against with impunity? Tall people that’s who!

And do you know why? Because being tall isn’t a disability or indeed a religion – it’s just a fact of life.

Well, this isn’t a tall tale, this is what keeps happening to me because I’m six feet five inches and 17 stone …

“We went to book a trip to New York and decided the best deal was with Thomas Cook Signature – good flights and a hotel on the edge of Central Park, or so it appeared on the surface. Sounds good we thought and said we’d book it but first could the travel agent – yep, we still use one because of problems like this! – find out about extra leg room for me?
No problem … the agent phones TCS and asks them, the reply comes: “They say they can’t give details of extra leg room until you’ve completed the booking.”
That struck me as being a bit like buying a car and being told you can’t hear it running until you’ve paid for it.
So, we pushed it, saying that if they wanted us to book then they would have to tell us about the availability of extra leg room. They went away sulking a bit before ultimately coming back and saying that there were exit isle seats available, yes. However, they couldn’t say how much it would cost as the cost of EACH LEG-ROOM SEAT varied.
So, we pushed it again!

It turned out that they actually wanted just about £400 return – FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS! – for two exit seats where we would have to vouch for our health so that in the event of a crash we would be able to open the emergency exit on behalf of the airline.

£400 is the equivalent to another return flight to New York!

Yeh, right Thomas Cook Signature – We didn’t book obviously, but whatever happened to care, comfort, concern and consideration?
All you ectomorphs let’s unite to get the room we need – they don’t have to jump on the plane and build extra legroom for you – it’s just there!
Do you know that flight companies regularly help out obese people who can’t fit into the plane seats comfortably – that’s because, according to the aviation bosses, obesity is seen as a disability … well, i tell you what! When you are an ectomorph who’s just been forced to spend hours with your knees around your ears in a 30 inch cell the back problems you can face are very debilitating indeed!

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One thought on “Ectomorphs of the World Unite – this really isn’t just another tall tale!

  1. We went to the US and I paid for extra leg room for my husband, I sat in the seat behind as I didn’t want to pay for extra room as I’m only 5’3″. When we got our seats I was surprised there was plenty of room, we needn’t have paid extra – so it’s worth checking with the airline first to see how much room they provide as a matter of course.

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