An encounter with the Monkey Man

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When a ghost-hunt group from the UK visited a mysterious location near the real Village of the Damned on the border of Staffordshire and Shropshire – things became very scary indeed … have a listen and tell the what you think … thanks to Martin Dook Ward and the others who braved what could be one of one of the ‘scariest’ places on earth …

The exact location is being kept secret for now but there is a hill there and on top of that hill is a pile of stones which, every so often, are used to mark out various ‘rituals’. Other times they are piled up in a cone shape. On one occasion the skull of a large bird had been placed inside.

The area is famous for a spectre known as the Monkey Man who roams the bridges and fields … the group can be heard reacting at the beginning of the video as something whispers the name of one of the group, Adam. His name is used three times – then they see a tall figure … Dan calls out ‘Turn torches off!’ and the figure falls down on to all-fours and runs off at great speed.

Other pictures on the film are of incidents in the area, including mysterious photographs on a phone and the tragic suicide of the local vicar.

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