End of the Road as my 30ltrs of Diesel Disappears

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Well, I did it! I put 4 star in my state-of-the-art 5ltr diesel limo… ok! easy mistake to make, I’m sure we’ve all done it – and laughed uproariously when other people have done it. Anyway, I pumped £72 pounds worth of diesel in to water it down and drove it home very carefully … it sounded fine!

But a bit of paranoia set in so in the morning we had a ring-round to get it syphoned out!     Ohhohohoh how Eric laughed!

Now here’s the rub – in two parts!

Firstly, the main well-known mechanics franchise we phoned up wanted £210 plus VAT and the cost of new diesel to sort it out! They also said they couldn’t sort it that day and that we’d have to ring them every day to see when they could fit us in. My limo sat there on the drive forlornly stinking of 4star ,… something it should never do!

Anyway, so we phoned up our very busy American car repair shop – my limo is American so it’s logical,

Guess wot! They took it in straight away, sucked out the contaminated diesel, cleaned it and put £20 of fresh fuel in – total cost? £40! Yep, that’s it – £40!

Well I ask you!

Anyway … part 11 of this saga …the receipt showed I’d put 45ltrs of diesel and petrol into my tank – 9ltrs of unleaded and 36 of diesel. Now my American limo actually averages 33 miles to the gallon … I drove it 35 miles after the initial incident ,,, that’s about 5ltrs, so there should have been about 40 ltrs in it to be drained off.

Guess how many came out?

Where did the other 10ltrs or so go then?
Oooooh eck! Watch this space – we’re off to the filling station to ask them!
But Britain … nearly £300 to do a £40 job – and then my missing ten litres of diesel …. what are you doing to your fellow Brits!

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