Ensuring the world knows how great students changed the face of Europe

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17 November 1989 is this year being marked by a new Pop-Up service called 30 Years Old – the services links together videos from local Czechoslovakia TV and International broadcasters in one heart rendering place https://30yearsold.eu/

Patron, Dr Jan Telensky said, “When Eric Wiltsher proposed the channel my thoughts were who would be interested? But as Eric said to me – we must make sure the world is interested to ensure it never happens again.
“I particularly like the way videos have been chosen to reach out to a global audience – e.g. sound or sub-titles in English.
“I am very proud to sponsor this service and help to raise awareness of 17 November 1989 around the world which allowed me to return home in January 1990 – after 20years, 3 months & 16 days in exile.”


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