Ex-Met officer reveals child sex abuse ‘truth’ … the 2nd interview

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A retired detective claims Metropolitan police deliberately ruined his life after he tried to expose horrific cases of child sex abuse.

John Wedger says he was forced into early retirement after a breakdown while working to expose Britain’s perverts.

The former detective constable says he was bullied after filing an intelligence report alleging that a London a pimp was prostituting girls as young as nine to a leading judge. Police were doing nothing about it, he says.

Wedger says he was told by a leading Met officer to shut up or be ‘thrown to the wolves’.

Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning has given his full support to Wedger in a campaign to protect police whistle-blowers.

Now Wedger has also made claims about the Satanic abuse of children in the upper echelons of British society, claims investigated for many years by consumerwatchfoundation.com editor Leigh G Banks.

CWF has contacted Sir Mike’s offices on five occasions asking for his views on Wedger’s Satanism claims and to confirm he is still supporting him in his battle. We have not received a response.

Watch the second of three in-depth interviews with Jon Wedger here: 

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1 thought on “Ex-Met officer reveals child sex abuse ‘truth’ … the 2nd interview

  1. Lesley Wilson Church I believe him, it’s been going for yrs, whether it’s the church, parliament, entertainment industry, bbc etc they’re all complicit in covering it up, I waited in a cafe for my daughter when I got talking to a gentleman who was a elm guesthouse survivor the things he told me turned my stomach, and what he and others from from children Richmond homes went through, getting woke up at silly o’clock in the morning just for famous people’s pleasures was heartbreaking, he told me he can’t settle on 1 place cos he lived in fear off been bumped off cos of what he knew and about who, savile,Cyril Smith…

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