Are we facing our final four minutes because of the new Tweety-pie and that cheese-eating no-surrender bomb-bast called Kim?

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Well, is the clock really ticking towards the final four minutes before we meet our Maker because of two crazily coiffured fighting cocks who are getting their hair off with each other?

And what, if anything, can the world do about it? The answer is – Nothing!

Niet! Nada! Nichts!

That’s the truth and like the old song says “And it’s one, two, three, four – what are we fighting for? …Yippee! We’re all going to die!”

Well, potentially hundreds of thousands of us are, anyway – and of course a similar number of us will be left seriously maimed and lung-scarred and eradiated for what’s left of our decimated unimportant little lives.

The problem is you see, our chances of survival are still inexplicably based on the four minute warning, yep, the same one we were going to get more than half a century ago when it was Russia threatening to nuke us!

Let’s face it, even back then, four minutes was barely time to boil an egg – and what more can you do all these decades later? Pay your bills online? Send an email … have sex (a couple of times, perhaps)?

And in this moronically technological age it all becomes a bit more worrying –  because, in the past,  factory claxons were going to sound. But now the warning will probably come by Tweet from Tweety-pie himself!

Yet, what if you don’t subscribed to Twitter? How will you know when to kiss your own H-bum goodbye – or have that last couple of shags!

The decision to push the Red Button tends to lie in the hands of  that old fart Donald Trump and that cheese-eating daddy’s boy Kim Jong-un. He’s not that young either at 33, despite his name!

In simple terms, no military action using weapons that were invented almost a hundred years ago – do you realise we’ve never got around to making safer water bombs in all those decades – could realistically bring peace.

Simply, the most powerful people in the world will be killing the weakest people in the world.

The weakest? Yep,  that’s us! You and me ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! And all our children and all our grandchildren!

The strategic objectives of the North Koreans are said to be the building of an  arsenal of weapons so that the rest of the world takes it seriously and accepts that it must negotiate with North Korea over many things including recent sanctions.

 But now President Trump has threatened Biblical  “fire and fury”.

Well, the President might have actually just been Trumped by the windy little man behind the North Korea’s self-reliant socialist state. And now nobody really understands who holds all the cards.

So, who is bluffing?

Or are they both as mad as the hatter who should be employed to hide their ridiculous hair cuts?

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has said that he can see “no easy military solution” to the North Korean threat. Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s recently departed chief strategist went further last month when he said there was no military solution at all.

And yet the man with his finger on the Red Button is the man who reportedly asked a foreign policy expert why, when America has atomic weapons, they could not use them.

Old Blondie says that was never said – another example of fake news, he says as he combs his way around the fringes of reality  – but whatever the truth, it is difficult to avoid thinking the prospect of conflict over North Korea is disturbingly real.

Experts who studied the impact of the earthquake caused by N. Korea’s latest bomb test said there was enough evidence to suggest the reclusive state has either developed a hydrogen bomb. Or was getting very close.

The detonation produced 10 times more power than its fifth nuclear test a year ago. And based on the strength of the tremors it created – equivalent to a magnitude 6.3 earthquake – nuclear weapons specialists put the yield of the  bomb at up to 100 kilotons.

If Kim Jong-un’s scientists have built a 100 kiloton H-bomb, its explosive power would dwarf that of the  US nukes dropped on Japan in 1945.

If it was targeted at  major Western cities, hundreds of thousands would die and many more would be horrifically injured.

And so back to that four minute warning … time is ticking away and four minutes is  all our governments can offer us in the face of another world war which could happen  in the midst of the  existing world war against terrorism.

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