Finally, I am walking back to my own happiness… and I just want to tell everybody, we can all get better

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A young woman who has been to hell and back sent this from her hospital ward … she wrote it 17 days before her 21st birthday and it is a true story of success giving hope to millions of others who suffer with mental health problems

For so many years I severely struggled with mental illness and the way I feel and look at myself as an individual compared to everyone else.

I never once thought I would be able to genuinely enjoy life, and be happy and satisfied with who I am. The internal struggles I hid from the world became so severe that they finally began to show, and I self-medicated and abused so many different things to try and put them back to their hiding places.

Since being in therapy, this is the first day that I have woken up and truly loved myself and told myself I CAN and will get better.

I turn 21 in 17 days and I am more than determined to get out and be able to truly enjoy myself and who I am.

I am so thankful for those who have supported me from day one and have helped me during my recovery. Believe me, I am still scared, and the outside world is going to challenge me in so many ways but I know in my heart that I seriously deserve a better life and I am going to work so hard to achieve that goal.

Everyone can get better, everyone can love themselves and truly learn self acceptance. I feel nothing but love, positivity and guidance for anyone struggling like myself and I know that there is always sunshine behind rain, and there is absolutely beauty beyond pain.

I love you all, and thank you for helping me during my recovery and hope you all know how blessed I am to have such an amazing group of people supporting me. XXX

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5 thoughts on “Finally, I am walking back to my own happiness… and I just want to tell everybody, we can all get better

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring story this is. I wish her happiness and peace of mind and thanks for the help this story will give to so many people. There, but for the grace of God …

  2. Jason Adams 6:41pm Aug 3
    I can only speak for myself but when I get depressed the one thing that always helps me keep going is finding ways to channel those feelings into something productive. Whether it’s writing, playing music, singing, exercising, throwing myself even harder into work, whatever it may be, as long as it keeps me busy in a productive way is what matters.

    I also make sure I give myself time to acknowledge my feelings and work them out in a healthy way without taking them out on others and without rushing myself. I set a goal and go for it. And even though I don’t always meet that goal, knowing that in advance helps.

  3. Shane Moncton I cope with depression everyday.
    I know if I give up, those that feed into my depression win.
    I won’t give them the satisfaction.

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