For God-sake help the children,UK!

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Aid workers in the shameful Calais ‘jungle’ have admitted publically that adults are   pretending to be children to escape to Britain and this, along with Press photographs of strapping young men, should have set some alarm bells ringing at the Home Office.

But the truth is we aren’t even carrying out basic checks to ascertain the age of these migrants. If they are not sure whether the stated date of birth is a lie they simply give them the benefit of the doubt and let them in.

CWF is not an apologist for the new burgeoning racism in the UK and has actively campaigned to get the real children of the jungle across to the safety of our shores and nobody in their right mind would begrudge vulnerable children living in misery the chance to come to join their relatives here. 

But is that actually what is happening?

Or is our money being spent on bringing over people who, for all the Home Office knows, could be well over the age of 18 and are simply economic migrants.

Britain is helping the wrong people … help the children for godsake!

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