Gotcha! Deadly secret as jungle loser Noel goes back to the missus


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The horny beast … Noel’s devilish plan

As Noel Edmonds licked his wounds and went home to the missus, we can reveal how the pocket-sized presenter once invented a murder because of an irritating lover…

Noel, aged 69, was the first celeb to be evicted from the Jungle after missing the chance of immunity in a stomach-wrenching drinking contest. During it he was jokingly accused of  cheating by chucking his drink down his T-shirt in the gruelling Bush-tucker trial.

And after being kicked out by viewers he told hosts Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby that he was excited to be about to see his wife Liz Davies. They were seen in a passionate clinch at the end of the show.

But one of his showbiz colleagues has put a new spin on the DJ’s attitude to love in the heady 1960s.

And revealed that Noel once staged the spoof murder of his unwanted companion, who was a waitress at a notorious London night club.

Celebrity Exclusive

Fellow DJ, The Royal Ruler Tony Prince has told, in his new book The Royal Ruler & the Railway DJ,  how the failed Emperor of the Jungle roped him to his first-ever Gotcha  at the flat he  shared with another famous DJ.

“Noel had been spending time with an Australian waitress at Club 31 but their relationship was making him increasingly neurotic.”

Tony says in his book: “ We were listening to MacArthur’s Park on the radio at 2.30 in the morning when Noel hatched the plot…

… “Let’s make out I’ve gone off my rocker and killed her,” he said, with reference to the clinging-vine barmaid.

“Christine’s in the same outfit (Noel was referring to Tony’s wife) and can pretend to be the body!”

Tony says, in the book, “it seemed feasible, quite mad but feasible.”

The plan apparently came together quickly with Christine lying on the floor – her face hidden by the bed – a knife covered in tomato ketchup nearby and Noel faking his own suicide by sticking his head in the gas oven with the gas turned on!

Spilling the beans (and cooking oil) … Tony Prince back in the day

Then they roped in Paul Burnett who was only too willing to set up his mate Kid Jensen as the victim of the gory Gotcha.

But things started to go wrong when a pan of cooking oil got spilled, Noel skidded on it before putting his head in the over and Tony and Paul Burnett skated into the shower cubicle where they hid, stifling hysterical laughter. Christine dutifully played dead.

When Kid Jensen opened the door to the bedsit the first thing he heard was the hiss of gas, saw the oil spilled across the room and furniture knocked over. Then he spotted Noel ‘dead’ and Christine’s legs poking from her blood-stained waitress’s outfit.

Tony says they were all shocked though that instead of trying to save Noel, Kid Jensen fled back down the stairs screaming at the top of his voice!

After they had caught the panicking DJ and explained it was a macabre joke, then spent until the sun came up trying to clean the bedsit, they finally asked Jensen why he hadn’t tried to save Noel.

The answer has gone down the annals of DJ history – Jensen roared: “Save the murdering swine!”

Fled the ‘murder’ scene … Kid Jensen today

The tale and many others  is told in The Royal Ruler & the Railway DJ: The Autobiographies of Tony Prince and Jan Sestak, an hilarious privately published book relating Tony’s time with the stars and the story of Jan, a DJ who defied the communist rulers  but still lives in Brnu, near Prague.

Noel allegedly earned a staggering £600,000 for his stint in the Australian jungle, the highest ever paid to a contestant. Some other stars including actress Emily Atack set to earn about £40,000, but Hollyoaks’ Malique Thompson-Dwyer was paid only about £15,000.


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