Grey Pride – Doctor, doctor is there a scammer in my virtual life?

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Here I am in the CWF Information Cafe.  First time but won’t be the last.  I like it – comfy chair, good company, help and information – and such a varied menu!

I guess I’m one of those ‘Grey Surfers’. At an age when I should have learned to knit or play Bingo I took up surfing – a bit like Eddie the Eagle plunging into avalanches.  I jumped in with both left feet regardless of sanity.  The Spouse calls himself a computer widower.

I dabble in that dangerous Facebook too, though, so far, I’ve customised it to family and the ‘odd’ close friend.

Skype connects me to Australia, India and America, or wherever my itinerant family happen to be.

Brought up in an era of radio or nothing and most evenings at the pictures (five cinemas within a mile of our house). I now delve into the confusing, irritating, totally unbelievable world of technology. It drives me mad and madder, but I am hooked.

What about the scammers? Who are these supposedly middle-aged Lotharios with very English names prefixed often by Doctor,  I haven’t had a Reverend or Duke or Admiral so far.  They all want to be my contact on Skype. ‘Love your charming smile, my dear.’ This is surprising as my profile picture is a koala bear!  Are they part of an evil syndicate or is it one fourteen-year old lad with endless pseudonyms?

Even worse are the ones who are overtly out to get their sweaty hands on my money (What money?).  The latest was a Nigerian manager of The Bank of South Africa who wanted me to give him my savings.  I’d get forty percent of the business, he’d have fifty-eight percent and some deceased cousin of his would get the rest.

In my weaker moments I think I could call the Fraud Squad or the Home Office but when I return from my Never-Never-Land I decide ‘for pity’s sake, don’t click on anything or one of them may appear at your front door’.

Yes, The Cafe is just what I need.  I’ll get a lot off my chest in the next few months and find support if I need it.  I’ll keep up to date with everything in a painless fashion, as I sip my Cappaccino.

Till next time,

Dorrie Jane Bridge

Dorrie Jane Bridge

Dorrie is a former educationalist with a major interest in politics … she writes our Grey Pride section.

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