Help us decide – is the truth about Parental Alienation set in gold?

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These 12 lines of poetry, written by Andrew John Teague, founder of the D.A.D.S (dads against double standards) organisation, are becoming a symbol of the truth about parental alienation.

Andrew said: “I wrote Rose of Truth a long time ago, when life was really putting me through it and all I wanted to know was the truth about things.

“I wrote a lot of things when I was younger, it was my way of dealing with what was happening … and because right now, thousands of us across the world are battling to get the truth about parental alienation out there to the world, it seemed appropriate.”

Andrew and his partner Sophie are having hundreds of copies of the Rose of Truth printed and in November the ‘plaque’ will become a new peaceful focus of their protest which has already involved marching on Parliament.

People who are battling parental alienation are being asked to ‘pin’ copies of the poem to their local family courts where lies are told about so many parents as their marriages are dissolved in disharmony and sadness.

“It’s a gesture really … just another way of telling the powers that control our lives that all we are looking for is a way to get the truth about parental alienation across to the people who make decisions.

“The courts are arenas for bitterness and anger to become lies which can turn your children’s lives upside down.”

The ‘plaque’ has RIP displayed prominently, Andrew says it is there to recognise those who have found the battle to be with their children too much and it has cost them their lives.

Andrew’s poem says simply The symbol of truth is here to stay

Please choose which ‘plaque’ you prefer the one bordered by red or the one with the gold border and let us know by ‘voting’ in the box below this article.

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