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Gourmet or gormless why do people ignore each other and Photoshop their food?

Recently I have noticed the rise of the gourmet restaurants.

People flocking in their droves, to eat chunks of potatoes out of a plant pot or a piece of steak on the board it was carved on.

But what I can’t understand is the ‘cheeky’ chicken craze.

Now don’t get me wrong any meal in a nice restaurant is a great treat. But it seems these days people are going several times a week.

Are people earning more money or are people unaware how to cook food at home any more?

I recently went out for a meal at one of these gourmet restaurants. As I sat and looked around, I noticed people did not communicate with each other.

Children and adults alike all sat looking at mobile phones, more interested whether  the food looks better with or without filters on the meal they were supposed to be enjoying. By the time they got around to eating the food it must’ve been stone cold.

I have to admit I felt like I was in the Twilight zone. The meal I received was prepared and displayed lovely however it came with a hefty price tag.

The following day I went to a local store and purchased ingredients needed to make said meal. Not only did it taste good, look good and cost 47% less than the restaurant. But I got to eat off of a good old fashion plate with a knife and fork.

Now am I the only one who thinks this way, or has family time at home with a meal been left in the past?


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