Here are the heroes of parental alienation


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A hero is someone who put’s aside their own personal fear and safety and reacts in the effort to help others. For the activists who are involved in promoting awareness and seeking change to promote equality in the area of parental rights – you are all heroes.

You have made the conscious decision to show no fear against those who will persecute you for standing up to the powers who wish to silence your voices.

Not many people who go through the aspects of parental alienation are able to move past the pain and intimidation in their lives to stand up and allow their voices be heard as they shout, “No more”! For those who do, they understand all too well the consequences of their actions if, they fail in what they are doing to protect their rights, your rights and the rights of our children and all those who are effected by the erroneous actions of alienators, family courts and legislation.

However, the battle they wage is long and arduous and does take its toll upon them. They give up many things in their life to fight for you. Money – they are not paid to be an activist and must rely on what they pull from their own personal pockets. Time – many donate 12, 14 and even 16 hours a day as they fight for you. Credibility – the opposition does their best to discredit the loudest voices and many times seek to destroy their reputation. This list goes on and on.

While you sit back and suffer in pain and heartache, there are others who are willing to fight for you and your children. Seldom, do they ever expect hear a thank you from those of whom they serve. Instead, their goal is to make certain that every parent and every child is able to have a normal (or, at least near-normal) relationship with one another.

Unfortunately, I am witnessing a trend that is disheartening. Many of these heroes are giving up the fight. It is not because they believe change is not possible or the odds are against them nor, even fear from those who attack them. Instead, it is from the lack of support from those parents they are fighting for and the silence they tried to change.

If, we are to win the battle to change what is currently happening to us as, alienated parents and our children we hope to bring home again, you must do everything to help. This means, push past your pain. Stand up and be counted among those who have and will be before you. You can no longer show “No More Fear”.

This may sound rough talk when I say these words, but if you truly want change then, you must become involved in this process by helping to create awareness. No more can you afford to sit back on your couch or curled up on your bed crying into your pillow. This does you nor, your children any justice. Instead, you are prolonging the agony that has been inflicted upon you.

As I said earlier in this article, our activists are leaving us because there is little support from those they fight for. Once they are gone, who will you turn to in this fight? Do you believe the family courts or state legislators will protect you without strong representation? I think not. It will be business as usual and we will continue to suffer in silence.

If, you want these people to continue their efforts to fight for you and your children, you have to stand behind them and show your support. Sometimes, they may ask for a small financial contribution, sign a petition, help them spread their messages through social media or share your knowledge of resources to make available to other alienated parents and their children.

The choice is ultimately yours to make. Stand on the sidelines and be silent or rise above what is happening to help those who are helping you? What will you do?

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2 thoughts on “Here are the heroes of parental alienation

  1. Horatio Hornblower
    Horatio Hornblower ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! We ALL have to step up if we are going to succeed. I see a very indifferent attitude from many people (mostly the ones who aren’t directly affected) but even from some of the people who are or have been directly affected. I’m dismayed at the very low numbers of people who sign relevant petitions. It gives a terrible impression that this isn’t much of a problem to those from whom we are try to elicit change.

    It costs nothing to sign a petition and usually takes no more than a couple of minutes. PLEASE DO IT!

  2. David, you write, “Unfortunately, I am witnessing a trend that is disheartening. Many of these heroes are giving up the fight.”

    I question who you believe are “heroes” for “parental alienation”.

    If you believe that the PAS self-proclaimed “experts” are heroes, l am sad to inform you, but they are NOT. If they were they would listen to the advice of the DSM-5 Task Force to evaluate “parental alienation”, who provided the advice to use existing accepted peer-reviewed constructs of psychology to diagnose V61.29 Child Affected by Parental Relationship Distress and V995-51 Child Psychological Abuse, Confirmed. However, the PAS self-proclaimed “experts” continue to refuse this advice and continue to DEMAND that mental health accepts their new pathology, which they call “parental alienation”, which continues the conflict.

    The real “heroes” are working to unite all of mental health on existing accepted peer-reviewed constructs of psychology.

    The real “heroes” understand that “Not everything is “parental alienation.”
    Our goal is to bring the unproductive and damaging debate surrounding the construct of “parental alienation” to an end.”…

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