Hey big bender – the real cost of Christmas cheer!

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A new survey reveals that the average British family will spend more than £600 on booze during Christmas week.

About a quarter of Brits will spend over £200 each on alcohol between Christmas and New Year – and another 22pc will blow at least £150. Only 15pc expect to spend less than £100 during the same period.

Bur 8pc will be spending £500 on alcohol.

The survey of almost 2000 people was carried out by  Multilotto.co.uk  and revealed some interesting statistics about the nation’s festive drinking habits.

The  group was  asked how much they would spend on Christmas presents – and most  respondents (24pc) saying they will spend over £200 on average, the same as we do on alcohol.

The next largest group (23pc) said they would spend over £300 on presents.

Respondents were asked where they would be spending their cash, with a 66pc majority preferring the idea of drinking at home instead of visiting pubs, bars and clubs.

Only 18pc said they would take a month off drinking, with 82pc confirming a ‘dry’ January wasn’t for them.

Spokesman for  Multilotto.co.uk,  Andrew Clarke  said: “As a nation we certainly know how to enjoy ourselves and Christmas is the perfect time to let our hair down.

“Still, it’s revealing that many of us spend a similar amount boozing as we do on gifts for loved ones…”


How much will you spend on alcohol between Christmas and New Year (24th  to 31st  December)?

Less than £100: 15pc
Over £100:   17pc
Over £150: 22pc
Over £200: 25pc
Over £250: 8pc
Over £300: 5pc
Over £500: 8pc


How much will you spend on presents?

Less than £100: 10pc
Over £100: 15pc
Over £150: 11pc
Over £200: 24pc
Over £250: 8pc
Over £300: 23pc
Over £500: 9pc


Will you be spending more cash in the pub/bar/nightclub or at home/private parties?

Pub: 34pc
Home: 66pc

Will you be  going  ‘dry’  in January?

Yes: 18pc
No: 82pc


SOURCE Multilotto.co.uk

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