Is your home one of estimated 30,000 which may have to be torn down after Grenfell Tower horror?

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Upto 30,00 buildings in the UK are believed to have been ‘wrapped’ in similar materials to that being blamed for the horror at Grenfell Tower. 

The covering, made from aluminium composite material, has been called killer cladding and has been used on an estimated 87 more tower blocks and now calls

are being made to tear down any building wrapped in the controversial material.

But there are up to 30,000 buildings wrapped in the cladding, according to reports.

Architect and fire expert Sam Webb, who sits on the All Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group advising Government on risks, has said the cladding is to blame.

He said: ‘It clearly didn’t meet the London Borough building regulations and if that’s the case then someone needs to go to prison.’

When asked if all buildings with cladding wrapped around them should be torn down, Mr Webb said: ‘Yes. They should be torn down.”

Hundreds of  aluminium coated panels – which are banned in the US over fire safety fears – were fitted to the outside of the high-rise where the fire may have  killed scores.

The death toll continues to rise following the inferno which ripped through the tower on Wednesday morning, with 17 people already confirmed dead and senior figures warning up to 100 could have perished.

It is believed that cladding contributed to similar tower fires around the world, including residential blocks in Dubai.

In 2012, one person died and six people were injured after a fire at the Mermoz Tower Roubaix, France.

In November 2012 a blaze ripped through the 34-Tamweel tower in Jumeirah Lakes, Dubai, destroying homes.

In February 2015, a fir engulfed the Torch building in Dubai after a fire was started in one of its apartments. There were no deaths.

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One thought on “Is your home one of estimated 30,000 which may have to be torn down after Grenfell Tower horror?

  1. We need this sort of clarification on the background to this total tragedy. I have signed a petition aimed at making sure that all steps are taken to avoid future such horrors. I hope everyone who has an opportunity to show their feelings on this matter will join in making their voices heard.

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