How to make money for your future when England finally brex-it..!

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Well, let’s face it – the ordinary man and woman on the street doesn’t know what will happen when Britain finally leaves the EU – but they all have one thing in common which can give a boost to the times ahead.

They all own stuff and, if you own stuff, you can always say ‘stuff it’ to your financial worries … for instance, why not rent your car out – or rent out your talent – or even your culinary skills.

It is estimated that more than a million Brits are already tapping into revenue streams which have only recently come to the public’s attention. Here are some tips for the business of getting by:

According to research, cars sit unused for an average 96 per cent of the time. The easyCarClub  says during that time, it could make you money with almost no effort from you.

Why not hire it out?   A small car commands a price of around £50 a day while a luxury limo can bring in up to £200 a day!

And if you have a talent, why not turn it into a business instead of a hobby?

You can make an  extra £5,000 a year, based on teaching ten people once a week at £10 each. Just  set up a class in your home or at a community centre.  . is a listings and bookings site that lets you advertise your class for free. They take a five per cent booking fee and will help you fill any empty slots .

Or what about, a club that lets you rent out designer bags for   a week to for  months.

Or cooking?  If you do you could make £24,000 cooking for and inviting paying guests into your home.

Sometimes it can be easy to make a bit of dosh!

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