All I could hear in Church was ‘Dada! Dada!’ … another message of hope for Christmas

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A campaigner against parental alienation who sent a heart-breaking mail to the after yet another father took his life, has sent a new one… this time proving things can work out.

Dean Adams, a member of a number of groups campaigning against parental alienation, including D.A.D.S (dads against double standards), finally got to spend time with his son just days before Christmas.

This is what happened in his own words: “Well where do I start, I got inside the church where the meeting had been arranged and all I could hear was “Dada, Dada!”.
I turned around and he’s waving at me and blowing kisses …my eyes were like rivers and for the full hour he never took his eyes off me.

368 days we hadn’t seen each other and he didn’t know I was going to be there.

It just goes to show that bond we have will never be broken. It was just magical day over too soon, but damn I’m in such a good place now it’s unbelievable.

When he was a baby and I’d see him I’d tap his back too comfort him, and five years later when I saw him today he did exactly what I used to do back too me.

I was in tears as you can imagine  – but tears of joy!
I say too anyone else that is going through what I am, don’t ever think your kids will forget you as today has proved that that is wrong.
It was like I’d just come back from the shop, he couldn’t stop saying I love you so much Dada. And I was the same back.
I told him too thank his mother for giving permission for us to have photos together, so as you can imagine I’m over the moon.
I’d also like to thank you all for your kind words and support it really means the world too me … Allendale a massive thank you and to Andrew John Teague for talking to the headmaster too allow me to have the photos as I was told at the beginning ‘no photos’.
You’re a gentleman and a scholar mate.
Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart.

Dean, from South Wales, admits that he has been on the edge of despair many times after losing contact with his son but like so many other alienated parents across the world he has fought his own private battles but at the same time has continued to fight for other victims too.

Only a few weeks ago, Dean wrote this: “This draconian system needs too hang its head in shame – another man has taken his life and left his daughter without a father, she won’t ever see him again.

I wish I could do a lot more as this can’t keep happening, numb ain’t the word. Didn’t know the father, yet in some crazy way I knew what was going through his mind. People, we need to get something done about this or the system won’t be right until they kill us all off.”

Andrew John Teague, co-organiser of National Association of Alienated Parents and D.A.D.s (Dads against double standards) of which Dean is a member, said: “There is so much wrong with this screwed system… this is supposed to be a time of joy but  so many are hurting and suffering. Another life senselessly lost to the pain of being torn from his child, so heartbreaking.”

All parents, MPs and social workers should be asking one thing … Cafcass, what are you doing to stop this awful tyranny of despair?



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