The importance of being in touch with the dead

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Communication with the dead is just not possible. So if you believe in ‘death’ as the final act of a life lived, then there is no discussion to alter your personal perception.

But if you have the smallest piece of doubt in the back of your mind that each living sentient being has a soul, then you may be open to the possibility of eternity. The soul could be the missing piece of a jigsaw, yet to be proven beyond dispute. Or even more significantly the possibility that ‘death is only a concept that mortals understand. Life after death, could be thought of as, ‘life after life, if the soul is a reality.

The human spirit of exploration is immense. It is the driving force behind all of man’s greatest achievements. Could it be possible that man can explore space before exploring himself?

It can also be stated that to understand your surrounding does not always lead to true knowledge. It may be less complicated to look outside, rather than face the possibilities that when our body dies we don’t. Consciousness or ‘thought energy’ continues in a different form.

Just think of the possibilities when without doubt life after life, is not just a faith, or a belief, it is a fact. It maybe, on its own, the one outstanding fact that would alter every single living being’s mind on this planet. The implications go beyond anything that has been achieved or discovered in the history of mankind.

Extraordinary claims take extraodinary proof.

Mediums would have you believe that they are in communication with ‘the dead’. It cannot be proven either way. From my own personal experiences, and long before I was ever labelled a ‘medium’, I could hear voices in the centre of my head. From a young age I had personal experiences I could not explain. The world of a five year old child is simple. You see and hear. Opinions are for adults, which allows life to be uncomplicated.

I can recall watching my friend Katie knocked down by a lorry and killed. The scene was pandemonium, adults running around, blue flashing lights, noise, and me just standing watching as I saw Katie’s soul transcend from her lifeless body.

I wanted to cheer, but of course could not. I was five years old. What did I know.

Then a few weeks later, my mother standing talking to her friend outside the school gates. My mother’s friend had a little girl holding her hand, no more than three years old, the same age as my sister. When I later asked my mother who the girl was, my mother just told me off for being stupid.

I had no idea what these experiences meant.

The realisation that not everyone heard voices came shortly after. I had lain in bed scared, I had heard footstep from outside my ground floor bedroom window. Not daring to move, I heard, inside my head, a man’s voice. He told me his name was George, (my mother’s father who I had only met once during his life). It seemed very natural. He calmed me down and I fell asleep. On waking, I told my mother that George had talked to me. My mother’s reaction was to take me to the doctors. She thought I was abnormal.

Long before I knew what others called me I was communicating with the ‘dead’. It started a life-long passion to understand what I came to know as ‘the paranormal’.

There is nothing that I class as the paranormal, not now. There are simply two different sides.  What we understand, and that we have not come to understand yet.

The difficulty with anything ‘paranormal’, is that speculation leads to miss information. Most of the accounts of ‘paranormal activity’ are exaggerated to enhance the story. This is human nature.

One funny story that happened to me recently was being called out to a lady’s flat. She was convince she had a poltergeist, (noisy ghost) when in fact it was her central heating. I bled her radiators and the ghost was no more. Ignorance is as much an enemy to finding the truth as exaggeration is.

Let’s explore, study and question. It is the only way to advance our knowledge. We have forgotten more than we have learnt. Our ancient ancestor’s held very strong beliefs on ‘the soul’, ‘the afterlife’. To move forward we sometimes should step backwards. Many ancient cultures had a far greater understanding of death and life after death. Could it be that we are just the re born souls of these people? The knowledge is already within us just waiting to be rediscovered.



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