In the business of making news? How Slovaks can tell world what they do

There is a world of news out there – and yet so many business people turn it into a missed opportunity.

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There is a world of news out there – and yet so many business people turn it into a missed opportunity.

But why?

Well, in an ancient town at the heart of Slovakia a well-known broadcaster and an award-winning journalist are joining forces to advise entrepreneurs big and small how they can change their own world of news.

Organiser of the event, English lecturer Zuzana Walsh, said: “It is true that so many Slovaks mistrust the media in all its forms, but that is mainly because they don’t really understand it.”

And that is hardly surprising as communism – still a blot on the landscape of the Little Big Country –  controlled  mass media for decades. And private ownership of news outlet was forbidden.

Censorship of the press was actually lifted  in the Prague Spring of 1968 briefly but re-imposed within months. The free press went underground, clattering out news on illegal duplicating machines. News remained government propaganda and dissident rantings.

No wonder people turned against the media.

But today the media world is bigger than ever.

And it’s time to take advantage of it.

Eric Wiltsher, managing director at the world-renowned digital station and marketing expert, said: “The black art of marketing is a complete misconception, particularly in this day and age when there are more media outlets than ever before.”

Leigh G Banks, a former UK Fleet Street investigative reporter, newspaper editor and magazine designer, said: “More people read newspapers worldwide now than ever before. More than half the world’s adult population read a newspaper, 2.5 billion in print and more than 600 million in digital form.

“That represents more readers and users than total global users of the internet, according to World Association of Newspapers World Press Trend.”

Slovak business people can meet Leigh and Eric on October 9, 2019, at the English Brainstorming event between four and seven in the evening and chat about how the media can be harnessed to promote companies, what the media – cyber, digital and traditional – is looking for, what type of news, types of stories, photographs and events.

In a ‘nutshell’ – promoting and marketing in the world of the FREE press!

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