Is This the Grand Scribd Write-Off?

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Howdyado, you fellow Scribd scribes!

Are you as confused as I am by where all your reads, readers and followers have gone?

A few weeks ago I was pleased to see that I was approaching 250,000 reads on what I believed to be a good site for people who wanted to present their ‘other kinds’ of work to the public.

In my case, I’m a professional writer – it’s how I make my living and always have done, on the  UK’s Fleet Street, on the BBC and through all sorts of other literary endeavours – and I thought that Scribd was a good tool for show-casing my ‘alternative’ writing.

Quarter of a million reads was a way to present this kind of less commercial work to editors, publishers, clients etc.

But a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that almost 96 per cent of my reads had vanished … put down, as far as I can tell from the very apologetic emails I’ve received from Scribd, to bots and spies and all sorts of nefarious things which have been pretending to read my material, press like buttons and download things thousands and thousands of times over!

It appears that the past few years on Scribd have been a complete waste of time and caused me to misrepresent myself to many people, including publishers.

I have to say I’m still talking to Scribd about this strange state of affairs but I really can’t get to the bottom of it as quickly as I would like to.

So let me ask – has it only happened to me?

Or has it happened to you too?

If it has – please write to me at


Are we really the hapless victims of a grand Scribd write-off?



Leigh G Banks, journalist, writer and broadcaster

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