It’s okay to have a troubled mind, and don’t let anyone take that thought away from you… okay?

As I suffered with mental health problems over the years, like so many, I didn’t tell a lot of people about my struggles.

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As I suffered with mental health problems over the years, like so many, I didn’t tell a lot of people about my struggles.

But in the past two years I reached a stage where I could actually cope with and conquer issues.

Now, I help people to discuss how they’re feeling, how to get the correct help, how to understand that suicide isn’t  an option and how to beat the stigma around mental illness.

Through my local council and a national organisation, I am now a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

And I am living proof things can get better … yes life is a struggle but the stigma is being beaten and we can tell the world it actually is okay not be okay!

So, now it’s time for me to be honest with everyone.

This is genuinely tough for me to write and if I go off at a tangent, I apologise in advance.

I promote mental health awareness where I can and when I can.

I have helped so many people and talked people out of ending their lives.

But believe me, I don’t do this for a pat on the back, for some recognition, or to boost my ego.

I’ve never openly talked about it – I normally  use social media for fun and laughs.

But I’ve found that when I open up to people they open up more too.

And CWF has given me this platform.

The saying it’s okay to not be okay, isn’t just a phrase… it’s a true statement. I’ve not been okay in my life.

Cracks have opened and they’ve shown.

And yes, I hide them well, just like others do.

However, whether you are male, female or another, the time has come to say I’m not okay and not feel like you will be put down for saying it.

I have people who will be negative about my revelation, but you know what, if by me being open and honest about my mental health upsets, offends or doesn’t agree with you, then leave me alone!

People can see I’m not the tough, always okay, funny and upbeat person I  come across as.

We are all human and feelings and emotions are real.

So for all of us who battle, those who help one another – and for those who are still suffering and think they are alone, this is my message…

You are not alone!

Reach out, speak up and seek help. We are like the song says Champion!


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