Why do jealous news outlets ‘can’ the BBC?

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As the BBC is forced to reveal how much it pays its top talent and  reveals Chris Evans earned up to £2.49million last year,  Gary Lineker is on £1.8million  and Claudia Winkleman earned up to £499,000, former BBC broadcaster and managing director of digital media company SwanPR, Eric Wiltsher, has this to say…


Former BBC broadcaster and managing director of digital media company SwanPR, Eric Wiltsher

So, the BBC has announced who it pays sizeable money to AND SO WHAT?

Here are some home truths and the first one is – it you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

The BBC national networks are already failing miserably, less and less people watch their offerings.   I call it Halls Broadcasting Corporation.

There a few that get paid their worth – actually often less than commercial rivals would pay – and there are a few that entertain more of the license-fee payers than the rest of them put together. And there is a reason for this.
Tony Hall’s BBC is doing what it was told by Government, in my opinion, to enable commercial broadcasters to gain bigger audiences as they simply were not competing with the BBC. This is not a new situation, it happened in the 70s too.

The BBC was so strong then it was actually damaging fledgling commercial broadcasters and so the axe fell on a number of BBC outlets – result being the BBC lost audience share and commercial broadcasters gained audience. In my view, it wasn’t the BBC that was too strong, it was the commercial sector failing to reach the standards of the BBC.

The same is happening now, in 2017.

The commercial sector is not doing as well as it did and so, somebody said ‘I have an idea’… Let’s do everything we can to reduce the BBC and make it boring.
The first stage of the Boring Broadcasting Corporation was the introduction of niche arts shows – so niche only Tony’s cronies watched. It was so embarrassing to see the lack of good shows listed in the Top40 on the iPlayer. Simply reason, good entertainment shows were pushed aside to make way for the Boring BC. Or should that read Boring PC correct service.
The next stage was to upset the public by making it look as though their money was going to a handful of people. I sincerely hope the GREAT British Public see through this.
The present pay rates for people like Gary Lineker are not high when compared to the entertainment sector. In fact, he could probably earn more working elsewhere.

And when Graham Norton moved over to the BBC, his pay rate didn’t go UP. In real terms, it went DOWN and yet he sticks with the BBC.

The final point is why is all this happening?

Many in the media would love to see the BBC with such a small audience that it would be easy to say – let’s get rid of it once and for all.

Basically, lets ‘can’ the BBC.

Therefore, produce niche programming or little interest to the stake holders and one day the stake holders will say enough is enough.  That would leave the commercial sector free to do whatever it wants.

So, if you want TV and Radio with ad breaks every 10/15 minutes, you carry on moaning about pay rates for talent. 10 years down the track you’ll be heard to say, ‘remember when we TV and radio without adverts all the time, gosh that was amazing. If only we could go back to that’.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s absolutely your shout. If you the once much loved global benchmark of broadcasting put in a pine box and buried – carry on moaning. If you want to retain the Best Broadcasting Corporation campaign to find a real Director General that has the ability to coach talented people to make light entertainment shows – that’s what the BBC was loved for and indeed was the last time the commercial boys all went crying to the government – ‘Please teacher they are taking our audiences away’.
I say, pay the going worth for talent. Get over it if you don’t like it – it’s life.

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