Jeremy Kyle Show more humane than the family courts, says PA campaign

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A leading group campaigning against what are increasingly being seen as the ‘horrors’ of the family courts system say they would rather face Jeremy Kyle than the UK’s judiciary.

The group’s statement follows the death of a Kyle Show guest who is believed to have taken his own life after failing a lie-detector test at a recording.

The 63-year-old grandfather, Steve Dymond, took the test to convince his fiancee Jane Callaghan he had not cheated on her.

Their relationship broke down after he failed.

In a Facebook statement, the National Association of Alienated Parents said: “This is mental health  week and we are told of the tragic suspected suicide of Mr Steven Dymond.

“This forced ITV bosses to promptly issue a statement expressing their condolences and sympathies to Mr Dymond’s family and friends.”

They also said: “ The family court has undoubtedly pushed thousands of people to attempt to and succeed in taking their own lives. This has routinely been swept under the carpet.

“Given the seriousness of this event, ITV has also decided to suspend both filming and broadcasting of The Jeremy Kyle Show with immediate effect in order to give it time to conduct a review of this episode of the show.”

“The promptness and firmness of the action taken by the ITV management is a mark of respect and it is also an indication of the seriousness with which they regard this sad event.

“And yet last week the Ministry of Justice issued a patronising, weak and frothy response to the petition calling for PA to be criminalised.” 

However MP Charles Walker said it would be “extremely sensible” if ITV said “this has gone far enough” adding that it was “a watershed moment”.

Mr Walker, Conservative MP for Broxbourne and a member of the all-party parliamentary group on suicide and self-harm prevention, said that guests on the Jeremy Kyle show are “not really guests, they’re victims”.

Meanwhile, all episodes of the show have also been taken down from ITV Hub.

The Jeremy Kyle Show is the most popular programme on ITV’s daytime schedule, with an average of one million viewers and a 22pc audience share.

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5 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle Show more humane than the family courts, says PA campaign

  1. Kenneth Lane Cafcass fear accountability. Any attempt to make them accountable has been rebuffed. Thus they have unfettered discretion to do what the hell they like to parents & children. Cafcass is like a dark cult – doing the exact opposite to what they claim to be about; purporting to ‘put the childs best interests first’ then doing nothing of the sort.

  2. Tony Calladine CAFCASS are highly gender biased, ignore child abuse if by the mother, question children re their wishes while in the presence of their abusers and create highly gender biased false reports that usually disrespect the children’s wishes and suffering. Been there several times.

  3. Kenneth Lane I’ve had a case where two separate Cafcass reporters arrived at opposite conclusions based on the same facts.

  4. Andrew John Teague Jk been axed because a suicide guess it shows itv take human life seriously
    I have to wonder what should be put in place of family court and should it be axed
    Is there any difference
    Jk apparently have their team and runners to goard and prod people
    Family courts have lawyers social workers and cafcass to do the same a 1000 times worse to non resident parents.
    It would seem we are now seeing the other side of the spectrum doing all they can to dismiss pa claims and use the dv/da as the usual line of tactics. Think what anyone going through dv/da should realise we are against dv/da also female or male.
    There is the fact that dv/da is constantly used to abuse the family court process.
    It would certainly seem it will take sometime before the media get it right with the right balance. We should hope the media get it far sooner than the family courts. 4 decades plus is far too long for many children to adults generation after generation.
    Children suffer needlessly and there is no care and no time for what the children are really going through.
    Of course children are eventually going to want the agencies and others to leave them alone also getting them to choose it’s shocking to say the least. Schools need to play their part in the children’s safeguarding and wellbeing and really should we trust most of these workers anywhere near our kids alone.
    Children the innocent used and abused behind family court secret doors. Each and everyone behind the family court should take the responsibility for allowing the child abuse and the deaths of the targeted parents behind the family court secret doors. Shhhhhhhh they need to keep their secrets shhhhhhhhhhh do you promise not to tell. Enough is enough killing parents killing children accountability even a judge should be held accountable let’s make it clear we will not tolerate our children used and abused we will not tolerate the deaths. We want cafcass ejected from the family court once and for all
    Save lives save the kids reform the family courts. Remove cafcass

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