Judge sends boy back to his Parental Alienation victim dad

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On the run-up to Parental Alienation day, there has been another breakthrough in the battle to get it made a crime.

As UK campaigners get ready to go to Downing Street to present their case to politicians on later this week, an eight-year-old boy has moved backed to his father’s home  after a family court judge was told he was picking up his mother’s ‘hateful feelings’. 

Judge Lloyd North decided the youngster should leave his mother and live with his father saying that the boy would be exposed to ‘significant emotional harm’ if left with his mother.

A psychologist said the mother ‘persistently portrayed’ his father negatively and said he identified with the ‘hateful feelings’ she expressed.

The judge decided the boy would enjoy a ‘positive relationship’ with both parents if he lived with his father but continued to see his mother.

Judge North analysed the case at a private family court hearing in Norwich

The parents separated some years ago, judges heard, and had been fighting over their son’s care for much of his life.

This is yet another brick in the wall in the long hard two year struggle by thousands of campaigners across the world as they try to get those in power to recognise the turning of a child against one of its parents as a crime.

However, in what is being seen as another ‘turn round’, Britain’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice has asked to see a video about parental alienation which is being sent to schools across the country.

Lucy Frazer, is the  the politician responsible for the Ministry of Justice’s £1.2bn modernisation programme, and in a surprise email to Andrew her Chief of Staff, Timothy Stafford, has asked for a copy of the video.

He said: “If you would like her to see the video please send it to her Parliamentary office at the House of Commons.”

This is a turn-round considering that last year Ms Frazer was handed a copy of the video by Andrew, from National Association of Alienated Parents and D.A.D.S and it appeared to get forgotten about.

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One thought on “Judge sends boy back to his Parental Alienation victim dad

  1. I back these changes and a clear indication that cases are all being revisited for alienation is at testiment to the first stone layed that got disregarded as “shit” but guess what that first step is to be included to help in the understanding.we all need to work together to understand and open more room on the legal binds that domestic abuse can be use against someone and alientation can be used to disguise the alienator by using a child to use something once forgotten but reminded by the alienator.
    no more shall any human be alienated from a child because proof is everything .
    HHRL.NORTH has acted for equality and fairness to progression

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