Keeping you posted: And so the lesson begins. The first Parental Alienation videos are dispatched … next, it’s letters to our MPS

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And so the extraordinary war against the ‘crime’ of Parental Alienation takes its next step.

Andrew John Teague posted the first videos to schools across the UK from his local post office in South Wales.

Andrew is the prime-mover in the battle to get Parental Alienation made a crime and began with the D.A.D.S Facebook two years ago, led to the formation of NAAP this year and Andrew’s personal odyssey to climb mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in a bid to literally take the fight to the top.

The has supported the fight since it began and information and stories are here

Andrew said: “Massive thank you to Leigh G Banks Andrea Martin of consumerwatchfoundation for their continued support and help through the battle against parental alienation for almost 2 years amazing work massive support helping to bring much needed awareness.”

As part of a major drive to get parental alienation recognised administrators of the Facebook group D.A.D.S have published a list of contact details for members of parliament and are urging their growing number of supporters to send a copy of Mr Brigden’s letter and a copy of the NAAP report to them.

Dean Lambert for the group said: “We are asking members to send MPs a copy of the NAAP report about Parental Alienation in the UK along with a letter from Andrew Bridgen MP asking other MP’s to support him with changes to the family law system.”




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