We know it’s absolutely not a chilly con Carney … but where actually is our bread-and-butter £9bn?

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When I read Mr Hanrahan’s article I wondered should I take it literally? Then I knew I would be a fool not to (writes Dorothy Banks).

For me, there was no simple way of finding whether this particular £8.9 billion we pay annually into the EU had indeed been factored into Mr Carney’s predictions.

However, the whole thesis of Mr Hanrahan’s article is based on the assumption that it has not.

Yes, it’s a drop in the ocean in the scale of things but it could help feed us in the lean years!

So, it is a breath of fresh air to find someone with the grace to discuss the bread and butter factors. Mr Carney, Governor, no less, of the Bank of England and oodles of big business gurus seem to think we are deeply in the mire and no easy way out.

Mr Hanrahan sets out a plan on how we could spend this not-so-piffling £8.9 billion, if, of course, it happens to be still available.

Who else has taken the trouble to give us the bread and explain to us how to butter it? Again, he has the good grace to concede that his tax amendments may not be fiscally plausible. But in the present whirlpool of words who gives a ‘tad’!

If by any misbegotten chance we were asked to put our clueless cross on another referendum and the vote slid over to ‘Remain’, I can clearly see two  fingers from Brussels hovering over the Houses of Parliament.

As Mr Hanrahan says, the EU is more than anxious to punish the UK for having the temerity to decide to go it alone.

Looking with horror at how it has turned out so far for UK, any one of the other twenty-seven who might have been considering leaving will have wiped the sweat from their foreheads and as Fagin so aptly puts it in ‘Oliver’,  they’ll wail, “I think I’ll have to think it out again!”

Anyone who strives to take over this job from the determined Mrs May must be sitting round the same table as The Mad Hatter.  The names which come to mind are Boris, Gove and Reece-Mogg. Each has a very distinctive record of falling down rabbit holes.

I never thought anything new would be written about Brexit but – all  I can say today is Hanrahan for Prime Minister.

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