Last exit to nowhere as David reveals ‘we lost another one’

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Parental alienation activist and writer David Schubert put this sad post on social media: “This evening, I found out that another one of our parents felt they could not hold one any longer due to the alienation of her children and took her own life. This was someone who followed me for the last year.

“Unfortunately, the battle took it’s toll and she became lost according to the email I received from one of her family members. My prayers are with her and all who knew this beautiful soul. I will miss you …

“When will this madness end?”

The supports David, from the US, and many of individuals and groups across the world in the battle to have parental alienation made a global crime.

Here one group reveals how many of its members have been driven to the brink of suicide because the fight to see their children became too much.

The group D.A.D.s (dads against double standards), which has thousands of members, conducted a survey some time ago and, shockingly, scores of people reported they have become suicidal as their children turn against them after divorce or separation.

Andrew John Teague, who started the group less than two year ago with other victims, has also revealed how he has spent hours talking to people back from the edge.

Andrew, from Swansea, said: “Sometimes I’ve spent hours talking to grown men who are breaking their hearts because the courts and the parent with care seem to be deliberately trying to end their access. It is shocking to think though, it’s not only dads, it’s mums, grandparents, and the children too who are facing up to these tragic circumstances.”

Over the last months I have watched so many go through so much. And it is heartbreaking.   Parents, grandparents and extended families are fighting relentlessly to be in their children’s lives.
But we are stopped from seeing them by exes, by new partners and by the families of our exes.   Absolutely disgusting behaviour from one human to another.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics said that four years ago suicide among men has reached its highest levels since the early Eighties.

 Another report says parental alienation can seriously affect men’s mental health but also makes it clear that   children caught in a cruel and vicious break-up can develop guilt, sadness, and depression.

And perhaps more revealingly an author’s study in Australia says that each day a parent dies due to the stress and heartbreak of losing  their child in divorce, abduction or  being taken into foster care.

Researching her book, Strength for Parents of Missing Children, Marie White contacted experts in the fields of abduction, parental alienation, grief, and divorce.

She said: “Children do come home, but what if the children come home and their parents aren’t there because they’ve committed suicide?”

In the survey carried out by the D.A.D.s group Paulene revealed: “I was suicidal a year ago and wanted to gas myself in the garage. I was such a mess and didn’t think I could cope. But now I’m here for the children, I love them so much.

Graeme wrote :”Depressed most of the time and have no faith in the law.”

Darren said: “Depressed and close to giving up.”

David said: I‘m amazed that more parents who’ve had the pleasure of family court haven’t killed themselves. The last six years are right up there on being the worst of my 50 years on this rock.”

Robert said: “Even my son says give up dad, she keeps winning and he is suffering from depression now too,”

Andrew has this message for victims of parental alienation: Don’t die inside speak out – for three and a half years I went through domestic hell and felt   like I was walking on egg shells but now I am free and can speak out with pride.”

Andrew, also a co-organiser of National Association of Alienated Parents, told recently how a 31-year-old mother had to be taken to hospital after what is feared to be a suicide attempt. She had been battling for year to keep in contact with her children.

Andrew said at the time: “A mum was rushed into hospital where she is stable and very lucky to be alive. She had to be revived. She has endured over four years fighting for her children
“I am at the moment supporting the grandmother and the grandmother will keep me updated. I can understand what the mother of the two children has gone through, heart-breaking.
“But I can only imagine the pain, hurt and suffering the family must feel seeing their daughter in this condition and feeling powerless to do anything.
“How many more need to go through this? It’s hell on earth for any parent, grandparent and family members.”

And the number of grandparents taking their own lives after being cut off from their grandchildren has been highlighted by an MP.

Nigel Huddleston  says that at least ten people have killed themselves following family splits. Campaigners want the law changed so kids have a right to see their grandparents.

Mr Huddleston told MPs of the tragedies at a Westminster debate. Grandparents  have no real control over access  and growing numbers are turning to the courts for help. But for some the battle is just too much.

Andrew,  from Swansea, said: “Getting the call over this young mother was one of those days I dread. I check my Facebook every morning to make sure we are all alive.

“The courts across the world don’t want to admit there is parental alienation … we need to educate these people in power over what is happening and stop people being forced to feel so low about their relationships with their children that they go to these tragic lengths.

“I have spoken to 100 or so members in the last year who have been suicidal and I know of many who have survived overdoses and self-medication with alcohol.

“The awful thing is that many parents become alienated from their children because of manipulation and lies and because of the unfairness of it all and anxiety if it all they get depressed – and their depression is used against them by social workers in court to prove their not fit to be parents!”

Andrew said: “How many more parents must die before there is a change to the law?

The D.A.D.S. campaign is acknowledged across the world and the  has promised to keep readers informed of their progress.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley has spoken out about the shocking scenes as character Aidan Connor take his own life.

Catherine, who plays Eva Price, says she feels it is massively important for the soap to tackle subjects such as male suicide and that she is behind the storyline one hundred percent.

And a campaigning group claims suicide is the highest cause of death among men under the age 45 in the UK.

Project 84, a campaign aimed at raising awareness, recently staged 84 human sculptures in Central London,  representing the reality of the men who sadly take their lives each week.

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  1. Please dont leave out mothers. This should include both sides. Not angry just bring this to the forefront with dads. If people want shared parenting. Share the parent’s suffering. Thank you.

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